Friday, December 6, 2013

Typing in all that data into Evite and then you must sign in to send. Oops, now all your hard work is gone!

How many times have you and I done this. We go to a web site and begin typing in all the data to send, let's say an evite. Then it wants you to sign in. In all the haste to get going and get your evite just right and add all the emails, it dumps all your work and you have to start all over again. For crying out loud, when will these webmasters ever give some warning to remind you log in or risk losing all your hard work beforehand. The wife is sitting here and this just happened to her now. Here's something new too in case you haven't seen it. Evite is not free anymore! To send an invitation to up to 50 people it's now $12.00 USD. Remember that old saying, 'Nothing in life is free'. Well, it's getting to be that way again. The days of free are going down the tubes. The wife asked me if she should pay to send these invitations. I reasoned with her that this is the first time in over a year that we will be having a party and to go ahead and spend the twelve dollars. The way we spend money, what is twelve dollars anyway? Logic is out the window these days, even with myself. We are so stressed out and lacking sleep just trying to keep up with our day to day routines anymore. I like to stay busy but sometimes I just want to lay on the couch with the remote in hand and dumb down. It rarely happens anymore. This post is over. But, remember the next time you want to send an evite, it is going to cost you and don't forget to log in first before you do anything.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Coming out and being Gay today, for crying out loud already!

I just happened upon a headline in a USA Today newspaper about a congressman that came out about being gay. My first reaction was a bit of anger. The reason is that we as a people in America especially should be educated enough now about gay people and the lifestyle. Why does someone coming out have to be headline news now? A slow news day perhaps? This is about all I have to say on this subject but I welcome any comments. Now, get on with your life, okay?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making Money On The Web with Affilate Marketing, another update and motivator

I vowed to not let a month slip by without making a post about something. But, it's been almost two months now so this hopefully we be short and possibly useful to someone on the world wide web. You see, it's all about caring for each other. Too often we get wrapped up in ourselves, hardly thinking of others. You can work so hard for yourself and get a lot of frustration but then if you stop just for a moment and do something for someone else, you get instant gratification. This might sound sucky to you and you may not even be interested in what I'm saying at this point in your life or day. That's okay because one day you will have these same thoughts and you might remember that you read about on a blog somewhere. My latest thoughts for myself are to begin creating a new web site to sell products. I have talked about affiliate marketing in prior posts. I have this web site design in mind, now I just need to get moving on the first step, creating that first home page. I already have the domain name and it's been sitting there doing nothing. I've signed up with companies year after year of which products I have liked. Now I can't even remember all of them. I know I have a file folder somewhere on this computer that may have all the emails with the acceptance of my applications to be an affiliate. I just have to hunt them down one by one. Each will be set up on their own page as a sub page behind the main home page. From the home page there will be a list of categories of products or just an A to Z list to click on. I'm not sure how it will go yet. Okay, I've given away my secret to success but I am hoping that it might benefit you to get going too on making money on the web. I'd like to see others doing this along with myself. Who knows what may come of all of this. I envision myself sipping a cool drink on a resort island with fellow affiliate marketers one day in the future. We each get up and speak about our successes and our business trials and tribulations. My end goal is to set up a trust to manage all the extra income I could never spend and help the poor. A bold and ambitious goal you might say. But, it's done all the time so why not we too. Like I said, giving is instant gratification. Helping each other is another one of those great little and important things in life. So, what are you waiting for, get going already.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Updates and What and Why

I pity the regular person who is not computer literate. We get these updates on a regular basis. By default most just download and install by themselves and nobody is the wiser. Except the illiterate computer uses that are frustrated because their computers have become slow or unresponsive. First thing that comes to people's minds is, 'I must have a virus'. Maybe but what does one do. Over the years I have learned that it is better to pay for a complete antivirus suite that help protect me. Many will argue over which product is better. You can either listen to someone else or try different ones until you find one you like. But, there is what this post is all about. TIME. So much time is devoted to our computer either in use or upkeep. If you are lucky enough to not have filled your hard drive with rarely used programs you might not have much trouble. But, the more you have loaded the more resources the computer has to use to keep up with it all. I have worked hard for years to keep the background resource usage to a minimum. To save the computer for me when I want to use it. I have turned off automatic updates on everything. Starting off with Windows Update. With Windows 7 you only get one update a month which is a blessing. Then there is Adobe Flash Player. Today I restarted the computer and first thing I see when logging on is an Adobe Updata for version 11.8.800.94 at 16.3mb of data. I don't know how much I really use Flash. I believe it is only for advertising and maybe some news articles I sometimes view. I have not put that much time into studying that but I'd rather update to keep the malware and Flash player attacks away. I have my antivirus set to update every four hours. It's quick and not that big a deal. It won't slow your computer down like an Adobe Flash update will. So, here's to those that like to know what's going on under the hood and are trying to stay on top of things. Good luck to you!

Google+ and Google Circles and less Facebook

I don't know about you but I have been giving less and less time to Facebook and more to Google+ and Google Circles. A new routine is embarked upon now. Boredom and letdowns is what always eventually turn me onto another path. Change is good for sure. As I am constantly on the lookout for the next new and great thing, I hope to post more on my blog here for anyone that may be interested in my findings. Lately though world events have cluttered my mind and it is hard to keep from noticing with all the push from the media. Rarely do I turn the television on anymore as there is just too much advertising and it gets old real fast. I use the fast advance on the DVR with the remote always nearby when a commercial is about to cut in. To hell with all of that I say. If I am going to buy something I will go looking on the web for it, not the tube. My television is like a plain old monitor to me. I only use it when I want to use the DVR appliance attached. So, here goes another day, hoping the rainy season goes away quickly. The lawn is waterlogged and it was a mess to cut yesterday. I had to change the blade to the regular one instead of the mulching one. The mulching blade was just leaving too much fine cuttings in clumps on the lawn and I have already had to deal with one outbreak of chinch bugs now. I'm sure there will be more to come. How I hate a lawn anymore. I will leave you with a thought today. Get more sleep and eat less. Don't forget to try and get some regular exercise. It just feels better if you do.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

U.S.P.S lost my mail again. Am I the only one this happens too?

I know times are tough and budgets are being cut but this has been happening long before now. I bought something on eBay last week and the carrier left one of those slips telling me they missed me or something of the matter and that I could pick up my parcel the next day at 10:00 AM. I drove there and went to the window and the lady was a long time in the back looking and I knew I was cursed again. Sure enough, she tells me it isn't on the shelf where it is supposed to be. I gripe a little but am told I could talk to the manager. Oh, talk to the manager again. A lot of good this will do I thought as it has done nothing in the past. So, I walk over the side door and press the buzzer. I wait about five minutes and a guy comes to the door and I tell him my problem and he takes my slip and goes wandering away to the back somewhere. I wait another five or more minutes and he returns to tell me the bad news again. Okay, so now what I ask. He says the guy that had my parcel should be in about 10:30 AM and he could call me. No, no, no! I am not driving back here when this is not my fault. He explains it's a new guy on the route and that they are trying to split this alternate route into two or something like that. I really didn't get what he was telling me and not that it matters to me anyway and why is my subdivision an alternate route. Just get me MY mail to MY mailbox, please? Is that so hard? So, I tell him I'll wait in a chair over there on the side and be patient. I sit around for ten or fifteen minutes. I left my phone in the car and there are no clocks anywhere to be found in this post office. The manager comes out and tells me the package is not on his truck and begins telling me something else, I didn't pay much attention. He went on to say that he would find the parcel and have it delivered to me, today, I hope but I didn't get any promise either. He took my phone number and he had me sign the slip. As I'm signing I'm thinking what in the hell am I doing. I haven't received anything and he's having me sign this slip now? I know this is going to get deeper and I'll be back here to let you know how I'll soon be asking for another parcel to be sent and the postal service can reimburse the seller on eBay for the loss. Or, some such thing or another. I've been cursed all my life with stuff like this and I feel like I am the only one this happens to. I have just become used to it now and accept that nothing will ever go right in anything that I try to do that involves another human being. And then I just have to spend more time to work through to find a solution. As I age now I find time is more valuable and getting to be more valuable as time goes by. I never thought about it when I was a kid or when I was a lot younger. Time just seemed to never move then. Life sure is strange but then I can't say that anymore as I find I am understanding it a lot more now. That is another deeper subject I hesitate to go into here as it would bore the hell out of everyone reading this if you kept with me this far. So, till another day...! Update - Saturday night - No package, no phone call from the branch manager, nothing. As I expected. Now, wait till Monday. I know that day will pass too and nothing will happen. It will be up to me to have to call and try to get the manager on the phone and ask him if he even remembers me and what the status is of my parcel. I can barely keep my anger contained with this fucking bullshit!!! Late Update 7/27/2013- The mail person delivered my parcel the next day. I had sat in a chair in the garage for a while waiting, thinking it would arrive this way. But, I soon gave up and realized I am agonizing over this way too much. Needless to say, it was delivered of which I am thankful that I will not have to put in any more time on this.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Laptops and Tablets, what are you views?

Have been looking for a new notebook or laptop computer for over a year now. I am tired of this old HP dual core model I have. It is heavy for one thing and the battery is what weighs the most. The battery does not last long any more and I do not want to buy a new one for this old portable computer. I have been to the brick and mortar stores and looked at and lifted many of them. I am keen to Lenovo as I like their styling. Especially after having bought the desktop model a couple of years back and loving it without having any problems so far. So, with that, I welcome anyone's comments. I am looking forward to the new models soon to be out too. I have read where the new 4th generation processors work on 1.4 or 1.5 volts. That equates to a lot less power consumption and longer battery time. It would be cool to do tests of different laptops and their battery lasting power time. Are there any manufacturers out there who would care to donate? Just get in touch with me here. I am ready to go! Oh, tablets. I didn't mention anything about tablets did I. ;)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

CreditKarma, Credit Cards and Your Financial Best Interest

We all use them and we all hate them. Lately I have been researching them. I have come across a couple of websites that have some very good information about credit cards with ways to find the best card for your purpose. I have been using a PayPal debit card for years now and did not realize that there were now other banks offering better returns like two and three percent cash back on purchases. One that stands out on top of the list is Bank of America. If you go to you will see what I am talking about. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of this webpage that tells you that the owner may get compensated for certain company product offerings or advertising. I have spent two days now looking around and reading terms and conditions of different credit cards and what they have to offer. I had not realized that there are different cards for various reasons you may want one. Travel cards, cash back cards, reward cards, gas cards and I forgot what others. I am looking for a better cash back card myself. I pay my balance off each month and never have more than one card with a balance at one time. I do not like paying the banks interest on my purchases. Things are just expensive enough as it is. Besides, like I said above, you can get into the interest debt game and you can be in deep debt before you know it. Okay, if you have a smartphone, you have to get the CreditKarma app. It gives you your credit score within seconds of signing in and you stay signed in and only have to tap the app to see your score at any time. The other best feature I like is it will list all of the accounts you have open on another screen. Using the app it will tell you ways to make and keep your credit score high and in excellent 'A' territory. One rule I learned was never close an account. Credit history is what matters most I believe. If you close an account you just deleted credit history. Never missing a payment is a priority also of course. I have been looking for a new mortgage loan and after applying at three different lenders I find with each there is a credit inquiry that will take two points off my score. These inquiries are known as 'Hard' inquiries. Okay, I lost six points but I am not too worried about it as I am still over 700 and I am fine with that. I will make a decision soon to get a new cash back credit card. It is just a bit hard for me to accept that I will open myself up to yet another bank that will begin to send me more junk mail in my snail mail box on the curb. For years now I have tried to stop what was once an enormous pile of daily junk mail that I would have to weed through and toss most of it into my recycle bin or the shredder. But, now I am about to embark on slowly trying to get my credit score as high as possible. Just to see if I can. I like challenges. Take advantage of banks, don't let them take advantage of you. Have a good credit day! I took the time to search on Amazon a book about how to get the most out of credit cards. Even though it was published back in 2008 I could not find a bad review on the side panel. The electronic or Kindle edition is only $9.00. I may have to buy it and read through it. I have to wonder how relevant it is today though.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spam Scam Emails, What I Am Getting At This Time!

I have been getting a lot of scam spam emails now with subject lines something along the lines of 'Your Order' and 'Shipping Details', etc. I have been in the habit of opening emails now and looking them over closely just to see what scam they are promoting now. First thing you do before you open the email is to hover your mouse over any word or word phrases that are highlighted in blue. Then if you look down at the bottom left of your screen you will see where the link would send you if you clicked on it. By looking closely at the details of the links you can easily see that if you were to click on the link you would be sent somewhere other than any official company website of which the scammer alludes to in the email. Thinking all this time that you have not ordered anything to begin with, or maybe you have. Clicking on the link can give you any number of things. The worst being some type of malware being dumped into your hard drive and causing you any number of problems from there on. This is where an antivirus program would have a good chance of stopping the threat before it could do any harm. One of the most common I have seen the last couple of years is the one where the malware will send out bogus emails to everyone in your contact list and more. I have gotten good at spotting these emails from contacts. I received one last week from someone I had forgotten about and never email anymore and never receive email from. I opened the email and I knew before I opened it that it was a malware spam message. It was easy to spot from the number of bogus looking email adddresses that were included along with my email address. I used to respond back to 'All' and try to alert those people included with the email but I would get some crazy replys. People giving me hell for sending them the spam and other nonsense. They just did not get it from the start. So, I just leave people alone now and let them learn and suffer on their own. Another note here, there was this information from the government years ago, I think it was the FTC or Federal Trade Commission, can't remember now. But, they had a bulletin that stated that you could forward them any spam emails and they would work to try to stop the barrage we were getting. Well, they did a good job back then as things seemed to quiet down quite a bit but over time spammers from Nigeria and other places began to get busy. Back to what I wanted to say about the FTC bulletin. I noticed that as I began forwarding the spam messages to the email address I was given I would begin to receive even more spam mail and with some really weird stuff too. I think I even clicked on one just to see what would happen and I got a virus that I never could get rid of. That computer was retired long ago. I still have the hard drive and one day think I will reformat it and use it for something else. So, last night I sent a spam email to the old FTC spam reporting email address again just to see what nonsense I get back in my spam folder. I have to wonder if we do not have young people working in that department and they are just harvesting all the emails they receive and then selling the lists to the Nigerians. Corruption is everwhere it seems. Have fun, be safe and do not be so quick to click! Buy antivirus software, it's like insurance for your computer. Yeah, they are not all the same and they are not one hundred percent but it is better than nothing in my opinion. One day I would love to sit down and read a book like this or any of the others shown on this page.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Video On Demand, Any Show That Has Aired, For Only Fifty Cent!

As I laid down to take a short five minute nap a thought occurred to me. Having had the opportunity and the time to record my favorite shows on an old Tivo Series II recorder some years ago and then archving them to tape, had me thinking. Recently I purchased the newest Tivo Series III HD 300 hour recorder for the wife to use in the master bedroom. She has a lot of shows she likes to watch and likes to watch them in bed after a long day of work. I still have my old Tivo Series II running after ten years of great uninterrupted service. I don't use it to record anymore as it is only standard definition. My recorder is a Verizon DVR in the main living room and I hooked up an external one terrabyte hard drive to it which gave me over a hundred hours of high definition recording. But, here is the problem. The thought of having to hook up and connect my old Hi-8 recoder deck to transfer anything from the Verizon DVR and then transferring from tape to the pc for use later just makes me tired thinking about it. With all the current hoopla about Netflix partnering up with Verizon and who knows what other service provider, who cares at this point. Somehow I foresee in the future where these big networks will get a clue and begin to build their own huge data centers to archive and store all their video and then connect the internet pipes and allow anyone to download a copy for fifty cents. I liken this to Apples iTunes service. Their ninety nine cent model for a tune I still cannot see subscribing to. If music and video were made more affordable and more convienant I would imagine the whole country and possibly the world might want to add it to their subscriptions. For now, we are just stumbling along and leaving the consumers with not much to digest for mobile entertainment and enjoyment. I for one would like to be able to download my favorite weekly show, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, transfer it to my Android smartphone for playback when it's more convienant for me to watch. For now though I just have to hope that the show doesn't get interrupted by the servive provider and the dvr gets to record the full hour and a half show. Lately thought I cannot even find the time to watch the daily evening news that I have been recording let alone my favorite show.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.171, update!

I came home to find my computer a bit sluggish. The hard drive led was showing continuous activity. I initiated a restart of the pc. It took a while for the drive to stop it's activity before the pc shutdown. Maybe two or three minutes I believe. I'm finding that I need to reboot about once a week to refresh the memory and clear up any leaks. Even Windows 7 Pro has memory leaks but not as bad as past versions I feel. I cannot remember having on BSD or blue screen of death with Windows 7 since purchasing this Lenovo i5 machine about two years or more ago. It's been a real joy to use. It's fast and dependable and multi-task well. So, the installer only showed that this latest update was 11.6. I had to go into the control pane and pull up the programs listing to see the actual complete version number. I don't concern myself with the details of what fixes or security holes it has cleaned up with it. I just want to get it installed and move on. At least with Windows 7 you only get a malicious software tool update once a month from Microsoft. I am more annoyed now with the constant updating of apps on my smartphone. I took the time a couple of days ago to revisit Google's android SDK or system developer kit tutorials, just to try and get some more understanding of how all that software works. My long term goal is to one day start programming an app or two and get them into the Google App Store to make a few bucks. So, now on to more computer fun today. How's your pc working?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lottery Winnings!

After reading an article about the Missouri Powerball winners, I just wonder how much money has gone to the government when they take their share in taxes. Ever thought about that? Probably not, but, you have to wonder, will this help our fiscal debt? Or, is this only state governments who takes their share of the winnings? I have not researched this but I wanted to post this quick thought in the hope that I might find a website somewhere that keeps track of this, later on. Can anyone comment on this? Update-5/2/2013, I want to add a quick note about a guy I saw on 60 Minutes who won the Florida Lottery seven times. He has a book on Amazon that I would like to take the time to read. I am not getting any younger and if I can spare a dollar a day from taking my lunch to work, I figure I can blow it on this only form of gambling I would do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.68 (15.11 MB)

I feel like a beta tester for software. I have even taken time to give feedback. Sometimes it was actually taken and updated into the software. You get a feeling of satisfaction when that happens. Especially when you really like the software. As for Flash player, we cannot live without it you would think. But, can we? Can you think of the times it is needed when you are browsing the web? First thing that comes to my mind is 'advertising' or 'advertisers'. I do not know when it has actually served me for anything that I wanted to view. So, this update awaits me. A checkbox is handily checked for me to install Chrome as my default Browser and Google Toolbar. Like I really need another toolbar to have to take up my browser viewing windown. Is Google paying Adobe to advertise this? Every time I get an update notification I always know there is going to be something they are going to try to push on me. There really is just too much stuff on my computer that I feel I have to aware of. Otherwise who knows how screwed up it could get by letting everything install by default. What are you thoughts on all of this?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Java Update 39, wants to install toolbar

Yet another Java update. These updates are so obnoxious and interrupts are routine. And, what is this toolbar anyway? How much do they pay Oracle to advertise this bloatware anyway? Or, does Oracle own this little company too? I might have to Google this just to see for myself. Yes, I have tried this toolbar long ago and I hated it and I'm sure you have too. Can they really be making money off of some chumps out there in internet land, enough to stay in business? I always visualize some little old lady or man clicking on ads and junk that is offered up in bloat like this and getting out their pocketbook to pay with thier never ending line of credit, card. I am just getting bored with this internet thing lately to tell you the truth. I am an old DOS man, from way back in the days. Give me a utility program where I can get something done, something productive and I am a happy user. Cruising around on the web looking at this and that for nothing more than to pass the time or to think there is really that much interesting going on in the world, somehow I just do not think so. If you knew all the cookies every new web page you land on was being downloaded onto your computer and tracking your every movement on the web, you would be shocked. I keep trying to remind myself to use the anonymouse web browser function of Internet Explorer or Firefox and Chrome. But, somehow I can never think to do it. I know I will eventually get in the habit because my email inbox is loaded up with spam daily. I have had enough trouble trying to get the U.S. mail service to stop delivering junk mail to me. I have opted out of everything I can think of to do it. Yes, that has slowed down but just yesterday I got an envelope with those checks to use as cash again. I love my industrial strength shredder. I like to watch it work on those bank envelopes and those checks. Okay, have I gotten away from the subject? I am about to click through the Java update and I will uncheck the box so I do not get the toolbar installed. It would only bring me more spam and ads from companys that I never heard of when I do cruise the web for whatever I happen to need to research at the time. Operating a web browser could be more like driving a car if you think about it. There is so much to learn in order to operate it properly in order to get the most from it. You could eliminate a lot of ads and animated flash driven junk if you only knew how and could get in the habit. An idea just popped into my head now. You know you can drag a bookmark from the address line of your browser. What if you created a default home browser for each function of the web that you wanted to perform. I mean, one for general purpose browsing with everything under the hood set to default, where you wouldn't care about ads or not. Then, one bookmark that you clicked on for banking business and other financial matters. It would be set to only accept cookies from your banking clients and not allow any tracking. This all would take a lot of time to learn but then that would take me away from Facebook. Oh, did I just say that? How much time do you spend on Facebook every day. More than you would like to admit I would bet. Me? I am down to about once a week and that might only be about fifteen minutes. I am just done with it, over it, bored with it. It serves no purpose other than entertainment now and I am just not into that too much either these days. Okay, so back to Java. It is still waiting for me to click through and install it. I remembered to uncheck the installation check box. Oh, oh, it found a program running in the background that is using Java and it now asks me if I want to stop it now. Yes, of course. This background program I am not using anyway and that reminds me, I need to turn that off permanently to not waste precious resources like processor time or ram memory. Okay, installing is displaying while doing this that '3 Billion Devices Run Java'. I really needed to know that. I am waiting...I suppose this update is fixing more holes in its security so hackers cannot get into your computer and take it over, or phish for your passwords and banking identities and stuff like that. You got to be so careful using computers today. Look for the 'S' in the address bar, 'https://etc.etc.etc...okay, it now wants me to restart my browser to finish the Java installation. I hope you enjoyed this educational post today. I did.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Affiliate Marketing Post, AVG Internet Security 2013

Here I am going to try to incorporate an affilate link of one of the many companies that I have registered with. One good thing about being an affilate is you can get a discount on the product(s) from the company. Another best thing is you refer your friends, family and business aquaintances to them and if they buy through your link, you will not only gain referral income but add to your knowledgable and expert reputation. AVG Internet Security 2013 is top of my list at the moment. After many years of avoiding anti-virus software and thinking I could avoid the viruses, I was hit hard. A virus or malware that had infected my Windows 98 machine convinced me it was time to seek out an anti-virus product. After a lot of searching and comparing I had found that AVG had the experience and the people behind it that made my decision for me. I have since convinced many others and they are using the product, bought through me of course. AVG has stopped many threats dead in their tracks. As I click on links that are sent to me a pop-up alerts me to the threat. Each time I get a feeling of refief and knowing that the small cost for the subsription or computer insurance I like to call it, is very minor. I have one other top product that goes along with this software that I will blog about in another post. There is a story in that also.AVG Internet Security, 3 user 8098986 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Fiscal Cliff and Costing Everyone

I am mad as hell and I do not want to take it anymore. Are you fed up like I am with all of this? I am sure you are. Okay, so what to do about it. Write your Congress people and Senators. It is that simple my friends. If enough paper starts coming into their office and stacks up and overflows from their desk they might want to think about listening to the American people and what we want. So, what do we want? For Congress to stop spending so damn much money just like we have to do when things get tight. Cut back, etc. Where to cut back. We all hear the hype from all directions, the news and our friends. But, who do we believe and what do we believe. I think it is time to go look for ourselves. How do we actually look at the United States government budget for 2013 and dig into what is spent. I do not think it is that hard to do but of course it will take time. Time is the most valuable thing to us as it cuts into our free time mostly. I am going to write more on this post as time goes on. I have to go about my day now. Follow me or bookmark my blog, okay? I took another minute and found this and it is free. It is 2011 but it should not be hard to get the 2013 budget soon.

Friday, January 4, 2013

What is an affiliate and how do I make money online?

What you say? An affiliate is you being a part of a company. A lot of companies on the web now are wanting you as an affiliate to help them get more business. It is a simple method of business and would work for you if you put some time into it. My goal is to create a web page with multiple pages where most anyone like myself can go to, to be able to find cool links to sites that have what I am looking for most. I will have categories of stuff that when you click on one it will take you to that page with links and text with reviews. It will give you some of my personal experience that I write about as time goes on. One would hope to gain followers that would use your site to click from and shop from. Your text links and banner ads would take users to company web pages where people would shop and you get a referral bonus if they buy something. Amazon starts out at a four percent commission. Now that I am thinking about this I want to have a page that will show each of the companies that I come across that have affiliate opportunities and their starting commission or bonus level. It will take me a while to do. So, why go through all the trouble? Because you and I sit and think and we think, and we think day after day, week after week and year after year on how to make money, right? You and I have not come up with any late breaking invention or idea yet that will get us rich and fast have we? Of course now. I have always read where the turtle may be slow but he is sure to get there in the end. I have adopted that principle since I was taught that when I was a little kid by my mother. I have always been a slow learner and I have accepted that. I do know that I can learn anything though if I put my mind to it and take the time too. So, I have been studying this affiliate marketing thing for a while now. I have set up an Amazon Astore and have gotten a few sales but that is it. I learned to go and read the discussion forum at Amazon Associates Central. There you will glean the experience of old hands who will sometimes give you information on just what you need to do to be successful like a few of them are. Some of them are making in the thousands a month. I would be happy to be making in the hundreds right now. So, if you have followed me this far, stay tuned as I will be writing more on this. If you have taken the next step in getting yourself a hosting account and a domain name set up with a web page, then, you are ahead of me and that is my next step. I use GoDaddy for my domain stuff but there are others out there too. I like GoDaddy as their support answers the phone promptly and the techs know their stuff and can usually have you off and running within five minutes on any problem. More later....