Sunday, September 3, 2017

EU Spammers, give up!

Since viewing a European website my email has been scraped and is now receiving daily spam emails from the EU. If you spammers only knew that you are wasting your time with me. I see them and I delete them. I have been around this old internet since before it got out to the general public. I doubt this post will have any effect the spams but I thought I'd post this for my reference in the future anyway. Google Analytics tell a story and it's coming from the EU and mostly Russia. Screw you if you have nothing better to do.

Good God, It's Been Three Years Since I posted Anything!

I log into my email and see an email from my domain host. I open it and read through it and realize that I don't remember if I pointed my domain name to anything. I open a tab on the browser and enter the domain name. Sure enough, my blog on Blogger appears and the last post is shy about a week of three years old since the last post. I don't know why I bother with this truthfully. I have not put the time into it to figure out how or if I can really make any money off of it. I would have done so much better putting a $1,000 into Bitcoin when I first posted about it and it was around $113. Now it's right around $4,500 and has hit just over $5,000. Oh well. What's the next big thing I'm wondering if there is going to be anything after all that has been done now. Facebook is all the rage and everybody including your grandmother is on there posting a lot of mundane shit that I don't even care to check in on it anymore. People that you have as friends can't even give you a quick 'Like' but they expect you to give them one. Maybe I'll just continue to use this blog to post my notes to myself and to hell with everyone else. People are so self centered anyway. I never wanted to believe that but a long life keeps trying to teach me certain things but I don't want to believe them. I grew up reading about all the good in people but maybe I read the wrong books. There just seems to be so much more evil now in this world that the good is hard to find in all the chaos now. I won't let it get me down. I'll keep fighting. I'll end this post as I don't want to write a book that no one is going to read anyway. If I do write a book it will be with a pen name and not my real name.