Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.171, update!

I came home to find my computer a bit sluggish. The hard drive led was showing continuous activity. I initiated a restart of the pc. It took a while for the drive to stop it's activity before the pc shutdown. Maybe two or three minutes I believe. I'm finding that I need to reboot about once a week to refresh the memory and clear up any leaks. Even Windows 7 Pro has memory leaks but not as bad as past versions I feel. I cannot remember having on BSD or blue screen of death with Windows 7 since purchasing this Lenovo i5 machine about two years or more ago. It's been a real joy to use. It's fast and dependable and multi-task well. So, the installer only showed that this latest update was 11.6. I had to go into the control pane and pull up the programs listing to see the actual complete version number. I don't concern myself with the details of what fixes or security holes it has cleaned up with it. I just want to get it installed and move on. At least with Windows 7 you only get a malicious software tool update once a month from Microsoft. I am more annoyed now with the constant updating of apps on my smartphone. I took the time a couple of days ago to revisit Google's android SDK or system developer kit tutorials, just to try and get some more understanding of how all that software works. My long term goal is to one day start programming an app or two and get them into the Google App Store to make a few bucks. So, now on to more computer fun today. How's your pc working?