Monday, December 13, 2010

Verizon Fios, speed test excels with new speed upgrade

Below are the speedtest results when using the speed test at I recently upgraded from the middle tier speed at home from 25/15 to 35/35. I was concerned that I was not seeing a good test when using the website but the Verizon agent educated me that using the Verizon speedtest link the test is using fiber instead of the older analog link, servers, etc. This makes perfect sense to me but who would have thought about it, I didn't. So, here is the new test and I'm happy to see my speed is right up to what I'm paying for. It was just that I was having a lot of lag sending and receiving email on AOL this morning and I wanted to find out what the problem was. I can only believe that AOL is intentionally setting up some kind of lag time in the mail server in order to give more time for the user's eyes to land on the ads. I'm thinking again of changing my email service. Might as well use Verizon's, hell, they give me an email address with my subscription. Here's the test results.
Broadband Speed Test

Analysis information:
Checking for Middleboxes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Done
SendBufferSize set to [261360]
running 10s outbound test (client to server) . . . . . 35.59Mb/s
running 10s inbound test (server to client) . . . . . . 42.35Mb/s
------ Client System Details ------
OS data: Name = Windows Vista, Architecture = x86, Version = 6.0
Java data: Vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc., Version = 1.6.0_20
----- Web100 Detailed Analysis ------
Client Receive Window detected at 164076 bytes.
45 Mbps T3/DS3 link found.
Link set to Full Duplex mode
No network congestion discovered.
Good network cable(s) found
Normal duplex operation found.
Web100 reports the Round trip time = 17.64 msec; the Packet size = 1452 Bytes; and
There were 2 packets retransmitted, 68 duplicate acks received, and 66 SACK blocks received
The connection was idle 0 seconds (0%) of the time
This connection is receiver limited 2.65% of the time.
This connection is sender limited 95.37% of the time.
This connection is network limited 1.97% of the time.
Web100 reports TCP negotiated the optional Performance Settings to:
RFC 2018 Selective Acknowledgment: ON
RFC 896 Nagle Algorithm: ON
RFC 3168 Explicit Congestion Notification: OFF
RFC 1323 Time Stamping: OFF
RFC 1323 Window Scaling: ON
I'm using that Actiontec router also. Seems to work fine. I only have to on occasion do a power reset on it when I think it's starting to lag and most times it improves the speed and the wireless connection to the laptop.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Java Update Available! Yay, there goes my Friday night.

Version 22 it says. What could they have improved or fixed. Let's see....
Welcome to Java
Java provides safe and secure access to the world of amazing Java content.
From buiness solutions to helpful utilities and entertainment, Java makes your internet
experience come to life. (Great promise, eh?)
Note: No personal information is gathered as part of our install process.
Click here for more information on what we do collect.
Click Install to accept the license agreement and install Java now.
Okay, first let me glance over the 'on what we do collect' part.
Well, it seems safe enough. I'll go ahead and let it install but I won't be
accepting any toolbars or letting them set my default home page on my
browser. This is where you have to stay alert and not get in any hurry or
they will screw things up for you. Well, here goes....Oh, no, they are touting
the Carbonite Backup again. I wonder how much Adobe is getting for this.
I have my own backup program thank you very much. You have to uncheck
the check box to not allow them to install the 30 day free trial. I prefer Acronis
myself. Online backups are just another monthly bill. You could buy yourself a
hard drive dock which plugs into your USB port and use any backup software
to make your backups. I have two 1tb drives that I do redundant backups on.
I also hae a network storage box with two 1tb drives that are set up in RAID
fashion. So, on it goes...the next pop-up window is offering Open Office. I
already have it but use M/S office instead. Okay, now I am forced to restart
my broswer, no way out of it. This is the shit I hate with these companys. Wasting
my damn time. I'll end this post here for now.

An Update to Adobe Flash Player is available! Not again, geeshh.

I think I had an update last week. These guys are worse than Microsoft now. I wonder what security hole they plugged this time. They never say anything about it in the bullets in the pop up though. You have to click on a link to see the details. Oh yeah,
* smoother video with hardware acceleration support
* enhanced performance and memory management
* support for multi-touch and gesture-enabled content
* private browser support and security enhancements.
There it is, security enhancements. Okay, now to click on the link and see what we got here. Oh nooooo. Now, it's Java Auto Updater nagging me. I see it flashing in the menu bar. No wonder you can't get anything done and your pc's resources are hogged and bogged down to slow you to a crawl. ...up comes the page with the details, Flash Player 10.1 Release Notes. Oh great, can't wait to read all about it.
Are you ready for this, my God, it is longggg, but, here goes....
System Requirements / Language Support

For current Flash Player system requirements, visit
The Adobe Flash Player 10.1 release will be the last version to support Macintosh PowerPC-based G3 computers. Adobe will be discontinuing support of PowerPC-based G3 computers and will no longer provide security updates after the Flash Player 10.1 release. Support is being discontinued because of performance enhancements that cannot be supported on the older PowerPC architecture.

Flash Player 10.1 supports the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Versions of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe recommends that all Flash Player users on supported systems update to the most recent version of the player through the Flash Player Download Center.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Flash Player installed by clicking here to check the version you have installed and the latest shipping version for each platform.
The first public release of Flash Player 10.1 is version Flash Player version and were included with initial release of Adobe Creative Suite® 5 and Flash Professional CS5. These builds were not deployed publicly to the Web. Users should update to the newest version of Flash Player 10.1 for content development and testing. Updated versions of the content debugger and other players are posted on the Flash Player Support Center Downloads page.
Installation and Uninstallation

For Flash Player installation instructions, visit

For uninstallation instructions, visit
New Features in Flash Player 10.1

Flash Player 10.1 is the first runtime release of the Open Screen Project™, which enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices. It contains several new features and enhancements:
•Support for new platforms
•Designed for mobility
•Developer productivity
•Enhanced browser integration
•Expanded options for high-quality media delivery
== Support for new platforms ==
Flash Player 10.1 is available for a broad range of platforms, including netbooks and other Internet-connected devices, allowing your content to reach your customers virtually wherever they are. As with Flash Player 10, this release also supports Windows® 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”) desktop operating systems.
The consistent Flash Player browser-based runtime is the most productive way to deliver content to users across operating systems and devices. Runtime consistency helps reduce the cost of creating, testing and deploying content across different device, software, network, and user contexts, and helps improve business results.
== Designed for mobility ==

To make it possible to deploy SWF content on smartphones and other mobile devices that have limited processing power and memory availability compared to PCs, a tremendous amount of work has gone into to making Flash Player 10.1 “ready for mobility”. This work includes performance improvements, such as rendering, scripting, memory, start-up time, battery and CPU optimizations, in addition to hardware acceleration of graphics and video. Improvements in memory utilization and management, start-up time, CPU usage, and rendering/scripting performance benefit PCs as well as mobile devices.
Multi-touch and gestures

Developers can take advantage of the latest hardware and operating system user interaction capabilities using new ActionScript® 3.0 APIs for multi-touch and native gesture events. Create multi-touch aware content for a wide range of devices as well as multi-touch capable PCs running Microsoft Windows 7. Interact with multiple objects simultaneously or work with native gestures, such as pinch, scroll, rotate, scale, and two-finger tap. (Adobe is actively working with its partners to enable multi-touch on additional desktop platforms.)
H.264 video hardware decoding

Flash Player 10.1 introduces hardware-based H.264 video decoding to deliver smooth, high quality video with minimal overhead across mobile devices and PCs. Using available hardware to decode video offloads tasks from the CPU, improving video playback performance, reducing system resource utilization, and preserving battery life.
==Developer productivity ==

Global error handler

The new Actionscript 3.0 global error handler enables developers to write a single handler to process all runtime errors that weren’t part of a try/catch statement. Improve application reliability and user experience by catching and handling unexpected runtime errors and present custom error messages. When using the global error handler in a SWF running in the debug player, error pop-ups will not be shown.
Globalization support

New ActionScript 3.0 globalization APIs allow Flash Player to use the values chosen in the operating system preferences to process text and lists and present information based on location context, without any knowledge of locale requirements. Choose a specific format independent of the currently selected locale on the operating system. Locale specific information and processing can include: date, time, currency and number formatting; currency and number parsing; string comparison for sorting or searching for text; and upper/lower case conversions.
== Enhanced browser integration ==

Flash Player 10.1 offers enhanced conformance to consistent browser usability guidelines, helping to ensure optimized user experiences and improved user control over privacy.
Browser privacy mode (desktop only)

To help protect user privacy, Flash Player 10.1 adds support for the “private browsing” mode found in many web browsers. In private browsing mode, Flash Player will not save any information (local storage, or local shared objects) to a user’s computer. Since the browser also does not remember any history while in private browsing mode, this allows users to hide their activity from other users sharing the same machine. This feature is supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. To learn more about private browsing, refer to this article.
Out-of-memory management

Flash Player 10.1 prevents resource-intensive content from depleting system memory by shutting down instances where a SWF attempts to allocate more memory than is available. When a SWF tries to allocate more memory than is available, Flash Player 10.1 adds logic to shut down Flash Player to prevent the browser from crashing. Users will receive notification to restart the SWF, or will see a notice to refresh the page if all instances must be shutdown.
== Expanded options for high-quality media delivery ==

Flash Player 10.1 includes a number of media quality of service improvements and is ready to take advantage of upcoming Adobe media servers that will provide new ways to deliver rich media experiences and create new business models. With new HTTP streaming and content protection features, premium audio and video content can be delivered within the browser more securely. Streaming performance is enhanced with improved support for live events, buffer control and peer assisted networking.
Content protection (desktop only; output protection Windows only; requires Adobe Flash Access 2.0 SDK)

Media protected using the upcoming Adobe Flash Access 2.0 SDK can be played back securely in Flash Player 10.1 to support a wide range of business models, including video-on-demand, rental, and electronic sell-through, for streaming as well as download. Using industry-standard cryptography, Adobe Flash Access 2.0 and Flash Player 10.1 provides a robust environment to protect content so it remains safe from tampering or capture throughout its lifecycle. Flash Player 10.1 supports output protection on Windows, enabling content providers to specify requirements for protection of analog and digital outputs, providing additional safeguards against unauthorized recording. Note: Encrypted content cannot be hardware accelerated in this release of Flash Player.
Peer-assisted networking (requires “Stratus” on Adobe Labs,

The RTMFP protocol now supports groups, which enables an application to segment its users to send messages and data only between members of the group. Application level multicast provides one (or a few) -to-many streaming of continuous live video and audio live video chat using RTMFP groups.
HTTP streaming

HTTP streaming enables delivery of video-on-demand and live streaming using standard HTTP servers, or from HTTP servers at CDNs, leveraging standard HTTP infrastructure and SWF-level playback components. The addition of HTTP streaming will enable expanded protocol options to deliver live and recorded media to Flash Player, including full content protection for HTTP streamed video with Flash Access 2.0.

Stream reconnect (requires FMS 3.5.3 server)

Stream reconnect allows an RTMP stream to continue to play through the buffer even if the connection is disrupted, thereby making media experiences more tolerant of short term network failures and enabling non-disruptive video playback. When a connection is re-established the stream resumes playback. Developers can add re-connection logic in ActionScript to re-establish server connection and resume streaming without any disruption in the video.

Smart seek (requires FMS 3.5.3 server)

Smart seek allows you to seek within the buffer and introduces a new "back" buffer so you can easily rewind or fast forward video without going back to the server, reducing the start time after a seek. Smart seek can speed and improve the seeking performance of streamed videos and enable the creation of slow motion, double time, or “instant replay” experiences for streaming video.

Buffered stream catch-up

Buffered stream catch-up allows developers to set a target latency threshold that triggers slightly accelerated video playback to ensure that live video streaming stays in sync with real time over extended playback periods.

Fast switch (requires FMS 4 server)

The Dynamic Streaming capability introduced in Flash Player 10 and FMS 3.5 is enhanced to improve switching times between bitrates, reducing the time to receive the best content quality for available bandwidth and processing speed. Users no longer need to wait for the buffer to play through, resulting in a faster bitrate transition time and an uninterrupted video playback experience, regardless of bandwidth fluctuations.

Microphone access (desktop only)

Access binary data of the live and continuous waveform coming from the microphone to create new types of audio applications, such as audio recording for transcoding, karaoke, vocoder voice manipulation, sonographic analysis, pitch detection, and more.

Security Enhancements

Flash Player includes security enhancements described in Security Bulletin APSB10-14.
Fixes in Flash Player 10.1


•Opera and Netscape do not allow recursive calls using the ExternalInterface API into the Flash Player. This issue has been reported to Opera and Netscape. (184777)


•WMODE is disabled on displays with resolution bit-depths of 16. (234772)

A large number of additional issues were addressed during Flash Player 10.1 development. For the archived list of these fixes, see this TechNote.

Fixes and improvements in Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player includes security enhancements described in Security Bulletin APSB10-16.

Hardware accelerated video decoding is now available on Mac platforms running Mac OS X 10.6.3 and later on systems supported by the Apple Video Decode Acceleration framework.

Fixes and improvements in Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player includes security enhancements described in Security Bulletin APSB10-22.

Fixes and improvements in Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player includes security enhancements described in Security Bulletin APSB10-26.

Known issues

•When an URL containing & or % is saved to a SharedObject file redirectSO.sol all of the parameters after these characters are stripped off. (1909140)

•CSS styles should not cascade across sandbox boundaries. (2261815)
•[FP-1760] Passing dates from Java to Flex causes 1 hour time difference. (2200268)
•startDrag and stopDrag do not work when the target is a 2D child of a 3D parent. (2200972)
•POST requests with no body reverting to GET. (2223288)
•XML.appendChild does not function correctly when published as SWF10; works fine as SWF9. (2340839)
•Behavior of Socket write methods is inconsistent on different platforms. (2580727)
•Last SWF Loaded sets scriptTimeLimit. (2500755)
•[FP-1569] AS3 Timeline: Child Sprite ADDED_TO_STAGE event is fired twice. (2300936)
•AS3 Timeline: First frame of Movie Clip animation played twice when created and added to stage with ActionScript. (2520095)
•[FP-4423] onEnterFrame gets called more often than necessary. (2614589)
•Automation APIs are only available on Windows and Android platforms. On unsupported platforms, runtime errors may appear when these APIs are called.
•When searching for objects (not strings) in Dictionary objects using the 'in' operator, if the object is not found in the Dictionary object, it will be searched for in the delegate objects. With 10.1, the toString operator will be called on the Object if not found in the Dictionary. This can cause problems with Proxy objects who need to define the callProperty function or it will generate a RTE. A simple example that failed silently in 10.0 but throws an error in 10.1:
•var p:Proxy = new Proxy();
•var d:Dictionary = new Dictionary();
•trace (p in d);
•Error: Error #2090: The Proxy class does not implement callProperty. It must be overridden by a subclass.
•at Error$/throwError()
•at flash.utils::Proxy/
•at Untitled_fla::MainTimeline/foo() // at Untitled_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()
•When debugging projectors (stand alone player) on Mac, the dialog for connecting to the debugger has changed. A single "Connect to the Debugger" checkbox replaces the former "Don't connect" and "connect" buttons. The user can turn that checkbox on (if they want to connect when clicking the "Continue" button) or off (if they do not want to connect). "Continue" saves those settings. If the user wants to cancel out of that dialog altogether, they can click the red close dot in the top left of the dialog. (2479410)
•When Out of Memory Handling is triggered in the Standalone Player, the Standalone Player simply exits without displaying an out of memory error. (2555713)
•When you have a script that causes a time-out, the error that is generated by the debugger is different between AS2 and AS3. AS2 shows a script time-out error, while AS3 aborts the script and shows no error. (2570020)
•Some videos on Comedy Central and MTV sites may exhibit an intermittent echo or double-audio effect. This behavior seems to occur only in videos that include an introductory commercial. Refreshing the browser may alleviate the issue. We are working with MTV Networks to resolve this issue.
•For all supported Intel GPUs, we recommend using an Aero windows theme. Performance is significantly improved for fullscreen playback with Aero-enabled windows environments.
•The .f4v files created by AME CS5 cannot be called by onXMPData. (2603890)
•H.264 Video Hardware acceleration is not available for DRM-protected content on Broadcom graphics chips.
•H.264 Video Hardware acceleration is not available on some Macintosh platforms.
•With hardware video decoding on ATI chipsets, the fidelity range extension is not supported in H.264 encodings. (2463465)
Text/Text Input
•[FP-1982] appendText when appending from another text field does not append in the correct location when the source string contains "\n". (2341522)
•Classic Text: Large font sizes are not drawing correctly on stage on in exported SWF Movies. (2483664)
•Scale text with Free Transform scales text incorrectly goes beyond text boundary and is cut off and too big. (2486588)
•[FP-2256] Text flows outside text field with advanced anti aliasing. (2447161)

•It is not possible to switch between gestures without removing fingers from screen. (2605522)
Content Protection/Output Protection
•Content Protection is not available on the following platforms: Solaris, Mac PPC, Win 2K, and mobile.
•Content Protection is not available on the Standalone Player or External Player.
•Videos that require Output Protection will only playback on Windows platforms.

•The Flash Player MSI installers report a generic error message for all installation failures (error 1722). More descriptive installation failure information can be found in the installation log file. See this TechNote for more information.
•[FP-3312] Unable to load external unicode file names in consistent manner across browsers IE vs. Plugin. (2499705)
•SystemUpdater APIs don't do anything in Chrome5 with the embedded Flash Player plugin.
•Printing SWFs is not enabled in Google Chrome. We are working with Google to address this issue. (2490502)
•Printing SWFs is not enabled in Safari on Windows platforms. We are investigating this issue with Apple. (2490502)
•When playing back Flash content on Safari 4.0 on 10.6 in 64-bit mode, users cannot input international text or use the IME. This is fixed in the most recent version of Safari. (2499879)

Other Resources for Learning About Flash Player
•Flash Player Developer Center
•Flash Player Product Page
•Flash Player Support
•Flash Player Help
•User Forums
Reporting Bugs
Found a bug? Please send the detailed bug information via the online Adobe Bug and Issue Management System.
SWF-based H.264 video may be decoded by your graphics hardware. There may be video bugs that can only be reproduced with your particular video card and driver. When reporting a bug involving video, it is essential to note your graphics card and driver, along with your operating system and browser, so that we can reproduce and investigate issues. Please be sure to include this information as described in Instructions for Reporting Video Bugs.
Note: Due to the high volume of email we receive, we are unable to respond to every request.
Thank you for using Adobe Flash Player and for taking the time to send us your feedback!
Well, that was interesting but I doubt I'll be able to keep that all in mind. Usually I don't even know when Flash is working as it seems to be behind the scenes anyway. it would be nice to see some icon on the menu bar or somewhere to show you when it is running. I suppose we'll see that in the next update or so. Or, maybe not. Stay tuned next week, folks. Now, what the hell was I doing before all this?.....

African Scammers now! Alert!

Just when you thought the Nigerian scammers were done now you go the African scammers going at it. I found this email today in my spam folder on AOL. I like to look at these before I delete them just to get a good laugh. I used to reply back with terse curse words just to see if I could rile the scammer up but I got nothing in reply so now I just delete them. I hope that people are still not falling for this stuff. Take a look below. 'What's in your email', comes to mind as I think of the t.v. commercial, 'What's in your wallet'.
I should fill in the blanks with President Obama's name and address with the whitehouse email address.

Dear Friend,

My Names are Boris B Kamson, Staff of Bank Of Africa in Burkina Faso. I would like you to indicate your interest to receive the transfer of $11.5 Million Dollars. I will like you to stand as the next of kin to my late client whose account is presently dormant for claims. Please once you are interested in my business proposal, further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as i receive your return mail. click on the blow link to confirm the genuineness of the deceased death.

If you are interested in my business proposal, get back to me with the information's below so that i can forward to you the details and text of application and the banks contacts for you to apply immediately.

Update me with your personal information such as;
1.Your name in Full:

2.Your House Address :

3.Your Occupation :

4.Your Age :
5.Your direct phone number;


Boris B Kamson.

Please send your Reply to my new email address.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Be More Popular on Twitter - wikiHow

Be More Popular on Twitter - wikiHow

How to Be More Popular on Twitter

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Being a popular and influential person or company on Twitter isn't as easy as opening an account, yet it's also not as complicated or straightforward as following a rulebook. A lot of popularity will derive from who you are in relation to your followers, including how personable you are and the connectedness that you create. Here are some best practices to let your personality shine through, rather than your self promotion!


  1. Understand what Twitter is and what it is not. Twitter is an online social networking place, like the water cooler of the internet. It's a place of connection, friendships, and networking. Things that Twitter is not include assuming that it's nothing more than a sales forum (despite the many people who abuse this repeatedly), an obligatory add-on to your company's social media strategy without tending to it actively (daily!), or a place to spar with people.
    • The mistake many people make is to dive right into Twitter and promote their website in nearly every single tweet. Big mistake! You wouldn't do that in real life, so don't do it on Twitter.
    • The balance needs to be: more personal updates and less leads to things you want people to purchase.

  2. Be authentic. Although the cliche "be yourself" is a bit overdone, it's highly applicable to Twitter. Followers trust that you are presenting yourself genuinely and this will only resonate where you give of yourself to other people. As in real life, it's important to be interesting, and to be interested in others.
    • Provide your real name and occupation or interests. This builds up a bigger picture of who you really are and reassures your followers. Don't say anything that would bore, or uninterest your follows. You need them to be "happy"
    • If possible, provide a link in your Twitter profile to work you're doing online or to something that tells more about you online (such as LinkedIn or Facebook).
    • Customize your Twitter photo and background. Twitter followers don't like seeing the standard Twitter bird as a photo - use one of yourself or something that identifies clearly with you. In addition, add your own colors and maybe even designs or photos to enliven the background of your Twitter page.

  3. Interact. Twitter is about relationships and friendships. You can grow to know a lot of amazing people through your Twitter account just by interacting with them regularly, and many will become firm friends even though you've never actually met them.
    • Be sure to reply to all @ messages. If your name is mentioned, it means someone cares enough to include you, and it's important to acknowledge this by replying.
    • Retweet (RT) people's information regularly and with consistency. This is the lifeblood of Twitter, the sharing of information through retweeting. It's a form of respect and a way of acknowledging that the person being retweeted is sharing information worthy of retweeting about.
    • Communicate with Twitter users who are already popular. If they notice you and like what they see, they'll help you in your "social media climbing" by sharing your information with their followers, and hopefully recommending you as well.
    • Leave your Twitter address with comments that you make on blog sites so that people can work their way back to the real you and learn more.

  4. Provide information other people want to know and share. You'll only be retweeted and followed if you're providing a Twitter-stream that grabs people's attention. Once you've established yourself as someone who shares certain types of information, be sure to keep providing fresh, fascinating, and curious updates.
    • Include links to interesting stories, news items, websites, recipes, etc.
    • Also send links to photos, videos, and other visual treats for followers to look at. Cute animals are often a winner as light relief!
    • Keep the updates flowing at a regular pace so that people know they can turn to you reliably.
    • If a disaster or major event happens in your locality or country, don't be afraid to switching to it in addition to, or in place of your normal tweets. Share updates and useful information such as phone numbers, emergency information, and shelter addresses, etc. People will readily share this information with your name on it, and you can easily end up meeting many people who are in the thick of providing emergency services, grateful for your support in getting the information out.
    • Bake some Twitter cookies and share the recipe link and the photos of your resulting cookies with your followers.

  5. Build your popularity. To be popular, you will need more and more followers, people who are retweeting your information, and singing your praises to their followers.
    • Follow people. Do this as a daily ritual by focusing on people you have things in common with. Use the Twitter search engine to find people with similar interests; key in words that are likely to make appropriate returns such as "Super Bowl", "vegan", "burlesque", "cheese", "mom", etc. Half the fun is in finding new people "just like you"!
    • Follow back those who follow you. Regularly add new people to those you follow, as well as regularly adding people who have added you.
    • Use automated follower adder tools if wished. If you decide to pay for more followers, be sure that there is a benefit in doing so, for your business, brand, or image, etc. For most individuals, payment is unnecessary; use your time and personal effort wisely instead.
    • Monitor your popularity using tools that tell you your popularity status. There are many tools available for this, and they can be focused on country, region, topic (such as "Top LA Tweeters", "Top Green Tweeters", etc.), or other elements you're keen to know about.
    • Read How to get more followers on Twitter and How to keep your followers on Twitter for more details.

  6. Reward your followers. There are a number of ways to reward your Twitter followers that will impress them and have them tooting your horn with their followers. Some of the ways include:
    • Use the #FollowFriday (#FF) mechanism to list the names of your favorite followers by way of thanks, and as a way of getting their names circulated. In turn, your name gets circulated when they thank you or reuse your #FF list directly.
    • Tailor individual thanks to your followers. Personalizing thanks is impressive; it not only thrills the person you're thinking but it makes other followers think you're someone who cares about people individually and this is an important impression to make. One great way of doing this is to pick up portions of their profile and to say thanks by replicating this person's main points. For example, "My gratitude to @BilbowikiHow - a social media guru with a heart of gold who specializes in horticulture, laughter yoga, & Dr Who memorabilia. Please follow"
    • Say thanks to your followers in a blog. Make it really special by singling out particular followers for your blog post. Write a small piece on who they are, what they do, and why they rock. Include their photo and a link back to Twitter. And then let them and your other followers know via Twitter! This one is always loved and shows you really do care about them. The added benefit is that your blog also gets greater coverage as followers share it on.

  7. Always focus on the purpose of Twitter as being about connectedness. Any time you feel like promoting yourself endlessly, pull back and remember that Twitter is about connecting and relating, not about selling teeth whitener to your pals. The networks of friendship created online are as real as offline friendships for many people. Just it is easy to wear out friendships by asking friends one time too many to support your Tupperware or Avon sales, so too this wearies friends online. Keep the selling to a minimum, and ratchet up the connecting, sharing, and Twitter loving.


Use Topsy to search for topics that are most popular on Twitter. Using this might help you to tailor your tweets to those that are currently popular.


  • Understand the difference between making a request and making a demand. Occasionally asking someone to pass on your message for a good cause is fine. But asking people to RT your messages as a matter of course is impolite and demanding. Give your followers the benefit of trusting their intelligence; they'll work out for themselves whether or not they want to pass on your tweets.
  • Consider adding a Twibbon to your profile photo to demonstrate that you support certain causes or events. Keep it regularly updated and remove it when it's stale.


  • Do not intimidate followers by sending DMs that insinuate that the other person is not being a good Twitter friend because they're not retweeting enough, or not supporting you enough. This is both demanding and bullying and will cause the other person to withdraw from you and maybe even to unfollow you.

Things You'll Need

  • Lively Twitter account
  • Lots of followers
  • Interesting background and profile, plus personal image
  • Lots of good things to share on Twitter

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Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Be More Popular on Twitter. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Adobe Update, this is really getting crazy

I think I posted less than two weeks ago about an update now today, another one. Adobe is now worse than Microsoft and their constant barrage of updates. I've got two updates in progress at the moment with my HPUPDATER program. One is a hotifx for a firewire problem. I don't even have firewire capability on this machine. The other is the HP Photosmart Essential program update. Something about a crash fix for photo uploads. I never do any photo uploads using HP's products either.
It's getting to be that I forget what it is I logged onto the computer for after sitting and waiting and watching all these updates install. Then, there's a reboot that just makes me go nuts. The sun has set and I missed another sunset because of this crap.
Maybe Unix is the answer but then there's a learning curve with that too. I don't have the kind of time I used to have. I think I'll stop this post and just wait for this last update to finish. I can't believe it's still going on.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adobe Flash Update, it never stops, just like Microsoft's Updates

I guess it's just a part of routine for pc users such as myself. You logon to your desktop and wham, up pops an update. You can close the window by clicking on 'Later' or whatever but you know that eventually you need to do this to stay protected. Today I get an update but what bothers me about this one today is the update is dated for Septemeber 20th, 2010. Today is October 10, 2010. I usually just go ahead and let the updates install as they don't take very long to do and I'd rather get it over with rather than worry about my computer security. It's always best to go direct to the website to look for updates. You could get one of these update notifications from a hacker I suppose. I've got a great antivirus package installed so I don't worry about that very much. I like to challenge AVG Internet Security besides and it hasn't failed me yet.
So, here's the link to the info on this patch and I'll include a screenshot pic of the update also. I'll be tracking these updates and how often they occur here on my blog.

I'm I having trouble trying to get this pic to be centered, having clicked on X-large, this is what I get. Sorry. Bugs in the blog I suppose, no time to report or complain about it to the Google folks today though.

If you're interested in programming Flash, here is a link to Amazon books.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I loved the comic books when I was a kid. So, I loved the movies as well. I may have to buy this blu-ray disc and watch it again. What a great movie to keep around the house for when family and the kids come over to visit.

Click on the link at the left and browse, you'll love it. If you've never been on Amazon or haven't been in awhile, I can tell you that it is where I have been coming to a lot this year for my online buying needs. I think you can find whatever you want there. I was able to find a nice used copy of an old book that I had when I was a young boy. That was my first experience with Amazon. So, what are you wating for, go shop!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Philanthropy Project

This is something I've been thinking about a lot this year. Not that I'm rich and have money to give away. It's that I've always thought why don't the rich give more money away. You see blight and stuff that you wish someone with money would just go in and fix up. Brad Pitt is doing something in Louisiana. Halle Berry is doing something for domestic violence. Good people are doing good things with their money, not to mention their influence.
Take a look at this web page I found on AOL a moment ago. It may brighten your day. It's something new that AOL has started.

It's all about making money isn't it?

How do you make money on the internet? This question is on a lot of people's minds these days. You've seen the get rich quick emails come through your inbox I'm sure. Well minded friends sending them to you too. They don't take the time to examine what they send you in hopes that you will, and then tell them how to do it, right? Hah. I've seen enough of them and I've done my own research. There really is no way to get rich quick on the internet unless you have some unique product that everyone wants or thinks they have to have right now.
eBay? Yeah, what are you going to sell? Junk and clutter that you no longer want? I don't think so. Okay, so how is it done. I'm doing it right now with this blog. You see the image and the link on the left don't you. You decide you like what you see and you go and click on it and take a closer look. You like it more once you investigate the product further. You add it to your shopping cart, then checkout and pay. Thank you very much, buyer. I've just made a percentage or commission on that sale. It isn't really a lot though but if you get enough of these in three months, it adds up.
Here's another way to get free money. In my previous post about the AOL update, somehow there was enough people that found that post and clicked through some link here that I made $4.98 in four days. Hmmm, that's a dollar a day. Now that motivates me. Fact is, I'm motivated right now to tell you about this so we can get rich together. Think about this for a moment. If you would click on a link or two on some webpages that you like each day you are helping someone make some money. It's called pay-per-click. Google adwords or Google Advertising. That's where I first learned alot about advertising and the pay-per-click thing on the net. I just started reading through Google's web pages. It's all right there.
This blog has made it easy for me to add any Amazon product links with images to my posts. There is a widget that you install on your blog that makes it easy to do. I found it by accident by looking around this blog a few weeks ago. This is what I've been waiting for. I didn't want to have to program or code a web page to put links in. I've been there and done that. It's not fun and it's not as easy as this method.
So, what I'm saying is, everybody should be in sales on the net. Get going and let's make some money. Oh, click on some links before you leave for me, will ya'? LOL

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest GenerationKindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation

Kindle Reader. I've been thinking about this more since this model came out. I haven't been doing much reading except on the internet of late. Probably like a lot of people. But, sometimes there may be times when we just want to sit or lie down or relax someplace and absorb ourselves into some interesting or entertaining reading. I'm wondering now where I might see and touch one of these before I buy. Maybe at my local Barnes & Noble store? Maybe Wal-Mart? Leave me a comment if you know where. Also, tell me your experience if you've been using the Kindle Reader. What features would you like to see in the future, your pros and cons and anything else you'd like to share with us here. Okay, time to read...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Adobe Update, 10.1 this time

Supposed to make flash so much faster. Yeah, right.
I didn't even see any Terms of the license agreement.
At least this time I didn't see them want to install any toolbars.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another update, AOL now.

IMPORTANT: AOL Software Update 4517.12.4 fixes security vulnerabilities and technical issues of the AOL software that you use. Please install this FREE update as soon as you are notified of it.

The AOL Software Update mechanism eliminates the need to manually download software updates (patches). Whenever there is a need to update the AOL software, the patch is downloaded in the background, thereby minimizing the impact of the download on your online experience. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the software update.
Now AOL is getting in the habit it looks like. It's been a while now since Adobe has updated anything, or, have they been doing it behind my back. Like my time isn't interrupted enough. How 'bout yours?
I just previewed this post and this blogger is putting a time stamp of 4:46 AM but, it's 7:46 AM here in Florida, EST. I should not expect perfection I guess. It's just not the norm anymore.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What is a Waterpik?

A Waterpik is a wonderful  little gadget that saved me my teeth and gums. I can't say enough about the product. I recommend the $29.95 unit if you can still find it for that price at Wal-Mart. They sell a few different models for more money but it just depends on you and what you want. search will yield the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser for $42.77. I don't know what Ultra is but Flosser is a funny name for it.

Let's get down to it. You may not know that you have gum disease. If you are chewing gum to get rid of the bad breath then I can guess you have gum disease. It is caused by food particles getting trapped below the gum line between the teeth and gums. Regular brushing and flossing cannot get to these particles sometimes and they sit there trapped and the germs then go to work. Before long you have noticable bad breath but nobody dares tell you about it. I'm telling you about because you need help.

Dentists aren't going to tell you about this wonderful product except to try and sell you their own expensive brand. Oral-B comes to mind. They are usually around a $100 and sometimes more. Don't fall for it unless you have money to burn.

I had gum disease and the dentist scared me into looking to doing something about it. He told me that if something wasn't done soon that he'd be referring me to an orthodontist for gum surgery. I was that close and I hear that gum surgery isn't fun and there's a lot of pain when they take the skin off the roof of your mouth to repair your gums. He instructed me to use a toothpick each night and use it to massage and probe around between my teeth and gums. This took me about 15 to 20 minutes a night but I did it for the two weeks that I was instructed to do. When the dentist re-examined me he found that the pockets had healed some and that I was on to the road to recovery. Pockets are mearsured in milimeters. 2 to 3 is not bad but 5 milimeters is trouble. Gum disease can lead to loss of bone if left untreated. Beware!

Back to my story...That was a relief but I knew there was more I had to do. He offered me his brand of oral irrigator as they are called but I didn't want to spend that much money. I decided to go shopping at Wal-Mart and I found many different brands and prices of these products. I had seen these before on the shelf but had no idea what they were for. I knew then it was time to buy one of these.

I've been through two Water Piks in the last couple of decades now. I got my wife to use it also. Her dentist had her coming to see him every three months for treatments that were not fixing the problem but only padding his wallet. The dentist now gives her a good report and she is relieved. She uses the Waterpik sometimes twice a week to my one. She loves the way it makes her gums feel.

That's another thing. I recommend and you'll find that once a week is sufficient. Be late and you'll soon notice the icky feeling your gums will start to feel again. A once a week five minute use of this little miracle device is well worth your time and investment.

What to do. Buy a Water Pik. Buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a bottle of mouth wash. Fill the Water Pik container with a nice warm cup of water. Add a capful of peroxide and a capful of mouth wash. Then, fill the container to the top with warm water. You might want to use some ear plugs also as it can be loud. You are ready to begin.

Set the pressure setting on the pik to maybe the 2nd setting to start. Hang your head over the sink and insert the jet tip into your mouth and close your lips around it. Turn on the switch and then start either on the top or the bottom row of teeth and the back of one side. Work your way around each tooth letting the water jet pulse in and around the teeth and gums. Linger a few seconds per each tooth, moving back and forth and in front and all around the gums. You may want to start with the first setting to see how this feels before you move up to the 2nd. I have stayed on the second setting forever. It just feels fine to me and when I tried moving up to the harder level it just hurt my gums for days. You don't want to cause damage to your gums. Experiment to see what is best for you. How my wife can use the hardest setting, five, is beyond me.

It may take you a few weeks to be able to time how long to stay on each tooth so you have enough water mixture that you end up at the last tooth and use the last bit of water at that point. No worry though, if you run out of water mixture just add more. It won't hurt to use more time and water mix on your gums. I'm to the point where I have a little mix left so that I'm able to massage my upper and lower gums back and forth a few times to end the session. Keep an eye on the container with the mix. Try to use half the container on either the upper or the lower and then time to rest for the other. You will notice by feel what is doing best for your gums as you work the pik along your gumline. Some areas feel they don't need much work, others you might want to linger a little bit longer, especially the areas with deep pockets. Try to aim for having a little mix left to massage the upper and lower gums, it really feels great after your done.

Keep a log somewhere to be able to remind yourself each week on that one day and time that works out best for you to do this little procedure. I keep one of those pocket monthly planners on my side table by the bed. Once you get in the habit you will feel so much better about yourself and your friends will notice too. Maybe you will get up the courage to tell them of your find. I've helped several family members already.

I almost forgot to tell you that the first time you do this you probably will notice some blood in the sink while you're doing this. That's because your gums are in the stage of disease where you are disturbing the bacteria in the pockets of the gums. It's okay. After a couple uses you will no longer see any blood, and you will be on the road to healing with heathly gums once again.

Do it for your health, do it for your friends, but do it. You've probably read where they are finding that so many things are caused from gum disease. Google it and see.  Okay, what are you waiting for. I have been buying a lot from Amazon lately. It's convienant and the shipping is fast too, sometimes free. Write back and comment your experience for others too so they might be helped.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010, Class Action Suit. ahhh

Edit 8/8/2010
I'm posting here that I finally took the time today to read over all of this. This is certainly a travesty and a joke at the same time in my opinion. I'm offered either a cash settlement of $3.00 or a $2.00 credit toward a 'Gold Membership' with Do they really think that I'll want to re-join? I'm afraid not. The ont thing that pisses me off the most about this company is since I had let my membership expire long ago, they do not provide a way for you to erase or delete your account and information. So, if you go looking for me on their site you'll still see me in there with some information provided to a non-member. Now, if you were to join you would be able to read my full profile that was left. I'm still not happy about this but there seems nothing I can do about it except make it known here to you all.

Original Post 7/8/2010
I remember these guys. Hah. What a joke they were in the beginning. I have no idea how they have progressed or if they've given anyone a break on the annual fees. I thought they were way too expensive back when I first joined. They didn't offer much either. Check this suit information out. I'm putting this here for historical purposes as I don't have any paperwork on when I was a member. I know it was about a decade ago so maybe I don't even qualify. If I did, how much could I expect to even get after the lawyers take their cut. I'm just curious to see how much they have to give up in the end. Don't you get one of these every so often too?

In re Consolidated Litigation, Case No. 09-cv-0045-RAJ






The purpose of this Notice is to inform you that a proposed settlement (the "Settlement") has been reached in the consolidated class action lawsuit entitled In re Consolidated Litigation, United States District Court for the Western District of Washington, Case No. 09-cv-0045-RAJ (the "Litigation"). This Notice explains the Litigation, the Settlement, your legal rights, the injunctive relief being offered through the Settlement, what additional benefits are available, who is eligible for them, and how to get benefits if you are eligible.


In this Litigation, Plaintiffs assert class action claims against Classmates Online, Inc., Classmates Media Corporation, and United Online, Inc. ("Defendants"). Complaints filed in the action allege, among other things, that Defendants sent email messages to subscribers of w that were in violation of the law and engaged in conduct that had the potential to violate w users’ privacy rights. Defendants have denied and continue to deny Plaintiffs’ allegations and maintain that Defendants have not engaged in any wrongful conduct. Defendants also contend that the Litigation is not suitable for class action treatment. Defendants have nevertheless concluded that it is in their best interests that this Litigation be resolved subject to and on the terms and conditions set forth in the Settlement Agreement.

This Settlement is the result of arm’s-length negotiations between Plaintiffs in the Litigation, individually and on behalf of the Settlement Class and Settlement Subclass, and Defendants. Both sides agree that, in light of the risks and expenses associated with continued litigation, this Settlement is fair and appropriate under the circumstances. Plaintiffs further believe that this Settlement is in the best interests of the Settlement Class and Settlement Subclass. Please be advised that the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington has not ruled on the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims or Defendants’ defenses and, therefore, you should not make any assumptions about the strengths or weaknesses of the claims or defenses in the Litigation.


For settlement purposes, the parties have stipulated to the certification of a Settlement Class and a Settlement Subclass, as defined below.

"Settlement Class"

All Persons, excluding Settlement Subclass members, residing in the United States who were registered with or subscribed to w at any time between October 30, 2004 and April 19, 2010.

"Settlement Subclass"

All Persons residing in the United States who registered with or subscribed to w between January 1, 2007 and April 19, 2010, and who paid for a Gold Membership subscription to w (and did not previously receive a refund of such payment) as a result of:

Upgrading to a Gold Membership through the process on of seeking to see who visited their Guestbook; or

Upgrading to a Gold Membership after clicking on a link to in a Guestbook email, or Connections email that included a Guestbook subject line, and upgrading to a Gold Membership within the same session activated by clicking on that link or within the same day of clicking on that link; or

Upgrading to a Gold Membership within the same day of receiving a Guestbook email or Connections email that included a Guestbook subject line.

You are receiving this Notice because you have been identified from Defendants’ records as a potential Settlement Class member. According to Defendants’ records, you do not appear to be a Settlement Subclass member. There is no overlap between the membership of the Settlement Class and the Settlement Subclass. If you have any questions regarding your claim, please contact the Settlement Administrator at the address listed in Section 5 below.


In addition to injunctive relief, as a Settlement Class member, if you do not exclude yourself from the Settlement and if you timely submit a Valid Claim Form, you are entitled to receive a credit of $2.00 off of the purchase or renewal of a w Gold Membership. Under the Settlement Agreement, Settlement Subclass members are entitled to receive either a cash payment of $3.00 or a credit of $2.00 off of the purchase or renewal of a w Gold Membership.

In addition to its cash and credit components, the Settlement also provides, on a non-opt out basis, for Defendants to provide injunctive relief to all Settlement Class and Settlement Subclass members. A description of the injunctive relief that Defendants are providing is set forth at the following website:


To receive a credit of $2.00 off of the purchase or renewal of a w Gold Membership as a Settlement Class member, you must fit the description of a Settlement Class member and timely send a Valid Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator. To download a copy of the Settlement Class Claim Form, click this link, or go to and input the following Claim number and Control number:

Claim # 1074523

Control # 1360860564

Please read the Settlement Class Claim Form’s instructions carefully, fill it out in its entirety, sign it under penalty of perjury, and either electronically submit your Settlement Class Claim Form not later than August 17, 2010 11:59:59 p.m. PDT or mail your Settlement Class Claim Form via First Class U.S. Mail, postmarked not later than August 17, 2010 to:

In re Consolidated Litigation

c/o The Garden City Group, Inc.

P.O. Box 9481

Dublin, OH 43017-4581

If you misplace the Settlement Class Claim Form or you are not able to access it through the above link, please contact the Settlement Administrator at the address shown above immediately to obtain a copy of the Settlement Class Claim Form.

If you timely submit a Settlement Class Claim Form, are a valid member of the Settlement Class, and the form is deemed to be a Valid Claim Form, you will receive an email from the Settlement Administrator after the Settlement is finally approved by the Court and any appeals have been exhausted. That email will contain a code, which will expire if not redeemed within forty-five (45) calendar days of its receipt, and instructions for utilizing the $2.00 credit. If you are a current Gold member whose membership is not set to expire within the next forty-five (45) days, you can still take advantage of the $2.00 credit by redeeming it within the forty-five (45) day window. Redeeming the credit will cause an additional membership period to be added to the end of your current membership term.


The Court will hold a hearing on October 27, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. PDT at the United States District Court, Western District of Washington, before the Honorable Richard A. Jones, Courtroom 13128, 700 Stewart Street, Seattle, Washington 98101, to decide whether to order final approval of the Settlement and entry of judgment dismissing the litigation. If the Court approves the Settlement, and you have followed the Claim Form procedures outlined in Section 5, and after any appeals have been exhausted, you will receive the email referenced above from the Settlement Administrator.


Unless you exclude yourself, you will remain a member of the Settlement Class. Being a member of the Settlement Class means that you cannot sue, continue to sue, or be part of any other lawsuit against Defendants about the legal issues in this case. It also means that all of the Court’s orders in this case will apply to you and legally bind you.


If you do not want to receive a credit from this Settlement and want to maintain the right to pursue your own claim against Defendants, then you must take steps to opt out. This is called "excluding yourself" from, or is sometimes referred to as "opting out" of, the Settlement Class.

To exclude yourself from the Settlement Class, you must submit a written Request for Exclusion. Such request must include your full legal name, mailing address, email address, your signature (or in the case of a person who is deceased or incapacitated, the signature of that person’s legally authorized representative), and substantially the following statement, "I want to opt out of the class certified in the In re Consolidated Litigation." You must either electronically submit your exclusion request not later than August 17, 2010 11:59:59 p.m. PDT or mail your exclusion request via First Class U.S. Mail, postmarked not later than August 17, 2010, to:

In re Consolidated Litigation

c/o The Garden City Group, Inc.

P.O. Box 9481

Dublin, OH 43017-4581

Failure to comply with any of these requirements may invalidate your attempt to exclude yourself. If you ask to be excluded, you will not be entitled to a $2.00 credit, and you cannot object to that aspect of the Settlement.

The injunctive relief being offered by the Settlement will be provided to all Settlement Class and Settlement Subclass members, whether or not they choose to exclude themselves.


No. You must exclude yourself from the lawsuit in order to maintain the right to sue Defendants for the claims released through this Settlement. If you have a pending lawsuit against Defendants, speak to your lawyer in that case immediately.


No. If you exclude yourself from this Settlement, you are also excluding yourself from obtaining the credit offered by the Settlement, and any Claim Form you submit will not be valid.


The Court has authorized the following lawyers to represent you and other Settlement Class and Settlement Subclass members:


Mark A. Griffin

Amy Williams-Derry

1201 Third Avenue, Suite 3200

Seattle, Washington 98101


Richard L. Kellner

644 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, California 90017

These lawyers are called "Class Counsel." You will not be charged for these lawyers’ fees. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense.


Class Counsel will ask the Court for attorneys’ fees and costs to be paid in conjunction with this Settlement. Defendants have agreed not to oppose Class Counsel’s request to the Court for attorneys’ fees up to $1.3 million, plus costs. Costs may include participation awards of up to $2,500 for each of the two Lead Plaintiffs. Fees and costs that are awarded by the Court will be paid by Defendants separately and will not affect your entitlement to benefits under this Settlement. You will not be obligated to pay any attorneys’ fees or costs as a Settlement Class member, nor will any award of attorneys’ fees, costs, or participation awards by the Court reduce the amount of Settlement benefit available to Settlement Class or Settlement Subclass members.


If you are a Settlement Class member, and you do not request exclusion from the Settlement Class, you may object to the Settlement if you like. The Court will consider your views. To object, you must file with the Court a written notice of intent to object. The written notice of intent to object must contain a caption that includes In re Consolidated Litigation, Case No. 09-cv-0045-RAJ. The written notice of intent to object must also include your name, address, telephone number, your signature, and must state whether you intend to appear at the Final Approval Hearing. If you are represented by counsel, your written notice of intent to object must also include the name, address, bar number and telephone number of your counsel, and state whether your counsel intends to appear at the Final Approval Hearing. If you are represented by counsel and your counsel intends to speak at the Final Approval Hearing, the written notice of intent to object must also contain: (a) a detailed statement of the specific legal and factual basis for each and every objection; and (b) a detailed description of any and all evidence you may offer at the Final Approval Hearing, including copies of any and all exhibits that you may introduce.

You must file your written notice of intent to object with the Clerk of the Court not later than August 17, 2010. You must also mail the objection to Class Counsel and to Defense Counsel by First Class U.S. Mail, so that it is received not later than August 17, 2010. The addresses for the Court, Class Counsel, and Defense Counsel are below.


The Honorable Richard A. Jones

U.S. Courthouse

700 Stewart Street, Suite 13128

Seattle, WA 98101 CLASS COUNSEL


Mark. A. Griffin

Amy Williams-Derry

1201 Third Avenue, Suite 3200

Seattle, WA 98101


Richard L. Kellner

644 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90017 DEFENSE COUNSEL


Stellman Keehnel

Russ Wuehler

701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 7000

Seattle, WA 98104


Objecting is simply telling the Court that you don’t like something about the Settlement. You can object only if you stay in the Settlement Class or Settlement Subclass. Excluding yourself is telling the Court that you do not want to be part of the Settlement Class or Settlement Subclass. If you exclude yourself, you have no basis to object to the cash or credit being offered by the Settlement, because that portion of the relief will no longer affect you.


The Court will hold a hearing to decide whether to approve the Settlement and Class Counsel’s request for an award of attorneys’ fees and costs. You may attend, and you may ask to speak, but there is no requirement that you do so.

The Court will hold a Final Approval Hearing on October 27, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. PDT at the United States District Court, Western District of Washington, before the Honorable Richard A. Jones, Courtroom 13128, 700 Stewart Street, Seattle, Washington 98101.

At that hearing, the Court will consider whether the Settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Settlement Class and Settlement Subclass, as well as Class Counsel’s request for an award of attorneys’ fees and costs. The Court will consider any objections made according to the procedures described above. You cannot speak at the hearing if you exclude yourself from the Settlement. After the hearing, the Court will decide whether to approve the Settlement and how much to award Class Counsel in attorneys’ fees and expenses. It is not known how long those decisions will take.


No. Class Counsel will answer questions that the Court may have. However, you are welcome to attend at your own expense. If you send an objection, you don’t have to come to the Final Approval Hearing to talk about it. As long as you mailed your written objection on time, the Court will consider it. You may also pay your own lawyer to attend, but it is not necessary.


If you do nothing, you will not get a credit benefit from this Settlement. Furthermore, unless you exclude yourself, you won’t be able to start a lawsuit, continue with a lawsuit, or be part of any other lawsuit against Defendants involving the claims released through this Lawsuit.


Yes. This Notice is only intended to summarize the Settlement. If you would like more information concerning the Litigation or this Settlement, you should inspect the complete settlement documents, papers and pleadings filed in the Litigation. You may also learn more about this Settlement by contacting the Settlement Administrator at the address set forth in Section 5 above. Additionally, information about this Settlement is available at the following website:



Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent in reply to this email. For more information, please visit the official Settlement Website at
The United States District Court for the Western District of Washington has ordered this email notice be sent. If you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE from future email messages please reply to: from the email address to which this notice was sent.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Adobe update, again.

It's Adobe Update time again today. Hurray!
No, actually this company is a pain in the ass.
Do we have to update so damn often?
I think they are just selling something.
This time they are touting Carbonite Backup.
No, I don't want this product.
What will it be next week I wonder.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CFPA with Elizabeth Warren, webinar

...currently listening to Elizabeth Warren who has outstanding credentials in her field. she referrences to write congress. focuses on telling the chamber of commerce to quit lying about the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.
April 29th, wall street demonstrating. Financial reform is a must, folks. Deregulating has brought our country to it's knees. This woman is leading the fight for us. We must stand behind her and organize.
Check out her column on Huffington Post.

Java updates, again

Java wants to update me again, and try to get me to click on installing something that I don't want. Carbonite Online Backup now. No, I don't need this as I have a Netgear Stora 1tb network backup I use, thank you. It's cheapest in the long run and besides, I have complete control over it. And, the usual Openoffice suite offered for install. But, I already installed it over a year ago but I never use it as I have M/S Office 2007. I hate crappy software and Adobe has proven itself that it has crappy software. Yeah, it has us all hooked into the Java of course. Nobody else is doing it is why or maybe not.
Time for an online seminar, more rants and raves to come later...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Damn, over a year since I posted anything here

I got this email from Amazon about monetizing my blog here so I'm going to take a little time to see what I can do with that. Like everything else in my life there just isn't enough time to do everything. This will probably be another one. Oh, I did get a new computer just after my last post, last year. It's a nice slimline HP that I love. It did come with Vista Premium and I can say I've not had a problem with it either. Well, there is a little printer problem now and then but nothing I can't fix.
On to monetizing this blog....