Friday, December 6, 2013

Typing in all that data into Evite and then you must sign in to send. Oops, now all your hard work is gone!

How many times have you and I done this. We go to a web site and begin typing in all the data to send, let's say an evite. Then it wants you to sign in. In all the haste to get going and get your evite just right and add all the emails, it dumps all your work and you have to start all over again. For crying out loud, when will these webmasters ever give some warning to remind you log in or risk losing all your hard work beforehand. The wife is sitting here and this just happened to her now. Here's something new too in case you haven't seen it. Evite is not free anymore! To send an invitation to up to 50 people it's now $12.00 USD. Remember that old saying, 'Nothing in life is free'. Well, it's getting to be that way again. The days of free are going down the tubes. The wife asked me if she should pay to send these invitations. I reasoned with her that this is the first time in over a year that we will be having a party and to go ahead and spend the twelve dollars. The way we spend money, what is twelve dollars anyway? Logic is out the window these days, even with myself. We are so stressed out and lacking sleep just trying to keep up with our day to day routines anymore. I like to stay busy but sometimes I just want to lay on the couch with the remote in hand and dumb down. It rarely happens anymore. This post is over. But, remember the next time you want to send an evite, it is going to cost you and don't forget to log in first before you do anything.