Saturday, March 24, 2012

Earning to date, an update.

Still at $7.39 if I remember from the 'Monetize' page just viewed.
Still, nobody gets it here on Blogger. Come on, folks. Is it that hard to understand?
Are we that dumb? I'm beginning to think so. What are we all doing with our time?
I know but, I'm going to go do something with some purpose right now. You just keep doing what you're doing, okay? Have a great day!

Sears Roebucks, another example of screwed up American company.

Nobody can get anything right these days. I can always expect problems now when dealing with ordering anything with anybody now. Here's a great example. I ordered a mulching kit for my new Craftsman lawn tractor this past week. The kit is a mulching blade and a cover for the side of the deck. Here it is Saturday noon and the wife brings me a box that UPS has delivered and as I take it from her I notice it's very light, I know there's no blade in there. Sure enough, only a deck or chute cover. I immediately get my Sears folder with my notes and paperwork and this new order slip. I call Sears 800 parts line number. I wait on hold for about twenty minutes, handed off from one person to a second. The second gets huffy with me because I'm not going to go out to the garage and move stuff around to try and find a serial number of this tractor. I ask her why that is needed. She begins telling me that she has the warehouse on the line and that their system has an error in it and they can't locate a part number for the kit for this tractor, only a description. I argue with her that I am not here to fix their errors, that they need to go to work and get it fixed. She gets stressed with me about then. She won't let me speak so I let her get the wind out of her lungs. She tells me they are sending the kit. I ask how do I know I'm not going to get the same mulch cover again without the blade. She tells me that this time they are sending the kit with the blade and cover. Okay, leave it at that. This is what I thought I ordered a week ago from a very nice Southern lady. More days to follow that the customer, me, has to sit and wait for their screwed up mess of a system. I don't care how many million parts they have, sweetheart, just get me the damn parts I ordered, please? By the way, did you catch CNBC's report late one night this past week about China and their workforce and products? They get it right for the customer from what interviewee spoke about doing business with them. We need to take lessons over here in America.

USPS mis-delivery update!

I happened to be outside working in the front yard when the postal carrier happened at his usual time of noon. He yelled out to me, 'How's it going'? I said, 'Just fine'. He then began to tell me that he was making sure to check the pre-sorted mail in his box to make sure the mail gets to the address printed on the article correctly. He was smiling and I just couldn't believe how he'd changed from his old snobbish self when I first started dealing with him personally about this. Maybe he realizes how important it is to the people that want to get their mail and not someone else's. Maybe he thought about how HE'D like to get HIS mail at home. I don't know but I'm glad that so far it's been good. I just hope it continues but I'll still continue to not use the mail if I can do my business online and paperless.