Saturday, September 15, 2012

Online Storage Cost Varies

I just happened to check what GoDaddy had to offer as to online storage. Even though they have been in the news this week with some type of outage. One story said it was hackers, another said it was a problem at GoDaddy. Who do you believe and who cares. Everyone has problems today. So, here is what I found and I hope to be adding to this list as time goes on. Dropbox comes to mind but I have not liked them from the start as I thought their cost was too high. *GoDaddy - $2.49 a month - 100gb - Deluxe package, $1.99 a month for 10gb A better value over time I think has to be your own network attached storage device at your home. See my previous posts on that. Here is just one product from Netgear.

Vizio Handed Off My Product to the USPS

I am not happy today. Seems I am not happy each day I wake now from one thing or another. And it is all because of the people in the world not doing their job or theft. I ordered one of those streaming tv boxes from Vizio back in the middle of July. I waited patiently for it to show up on my doorstep. But after over a month and clicking on the link to the Fedex tracking number and seeing that the delivery stopped in Miami on August 20th, I made a call to Vizio. This was a few days ago. I talked to a nice lady who said she was going to reprocess the order which I assumed meant they were going to send me another one. Today I wake up to a voicemail from Ricardo saying to call Vizio if I have not received my Costar product. Okay, I knew this was going to suck. I checked my doorstep, no product. Why did I even waste my time opening the door to look. So I sat down and called Vizio. Vanessa checked everything and said she was making some kind of 'warehouse request'. I asked what that was. I was told it was to research where my product was. Oh great, how long before I need to call you back when I have not heard anything, again I said. Give it a few days, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday since this was the weekend. Sure, okay. Another few days. It has been how many months now and you got my money but I have no product. I liked Vizio but on my first call to them I was told that Fedex had handed off the shipment to the USPS in Miami. I asked if this was normal. Yes, a lot of companys do this. I had never heard of this. I am used to seeing the Fedex and UPS trucks drive around my block almost daily and they deliver right to my door and hand me the product. This was most unusual to me to hear this. I have had so much trouble with the USPS misdeliveries to my house, you can read about it in my previous posts. I could scream about now just thinking of how crappy the USPS service has gotten. I hear of them cutting back more and more now. It is no wonder the service is getting worse. I hope the little guy in Miami is enjoying my product now, or, maybe in Tampa. Who the hell knows. May the USPS go down in flames is all I can think of right now. The US government needs to think seriously about closing the service down and selling off or handing off all mail service to Fedex and USPS. Thats all I am going to say on this today. Thats the link to the product I paid for and have not received in case you were interested. 10/07/2012 - Update - I called Vizio a few days ago to get an update on the status of the 'Costar' product that I ordered. Basically I was given nothing new and not much hope. 'Wait and call back in a couple of weeks to check on the status'. I let the rep know that I would probably be filing a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back. I think I am being extremely patient with this. After all, it is now October 7th and I ordered their product somewhere around the middle of July. Three months ago now. I swear, I will never order nor probably ever buy another Vizio product. Don't get me wrong, I'm stitting here watching their fifty five inch LED t.v. that I bought almost two years ago and it is still looking fresh and new. Once a company pisses me off, I hold a grudge forever. Enough said on this for now. 11/13/2012 - Update - I called Vizio and was given information that the refund I had requested was processed. I logged into my bank account and saw that the refund was indeed credited to my account on October 30th. Thank God. I can now put this terrible problem to bed now. I will from now on ask any company that I do business with if they hand off shipments to the USPS and if so, I will take my business elsewhere. Vizo just lost a customer with this stupid idiotic practice and they also lost inventory because of this. We learn something every day do we not? Update-01/10/2013 - have eliminted any profane or obscene wording from this post.