Monday, November 26, 2012

Word Play, a play on words of course!

I keep having these crazy words coming to mind when I read stuff on the web. I have decided it might be fun to keep a sort of journal here to record this when it happens. For instance, I am reading a story about a chief executive and somehow my mind reads, 'thief executive'. I wish now that I had saved a lot of these word plays that I have had this year. When this comes up I stop and ponder what I was just thinking and how if anything it might mean something. Maybe it means that my glasses keep getting thicker and my eyeballs are not slowing down to focus through them as quickly as they could without the glasses before. I worry that I may also start having these word play moments more often and then it becomes some time of affliction. Then, I may have to become a comedian and go on stage and amuse people. Hah, wouldn't that be fun. Stay tuned for more crazyiness to come here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fiscal Cliff and WTF?

This is in the news now and everyone in the United States that is in business somehow or another is waiting to see how this plays out. A matter of weeks to the deadline. Will it be the same old delay on doing anything about the deficit? What comprimises if any will be had? I read where there is talk about only giving people with under $25,000 a tax break this year. Why not under $100,000? Let the rich pay for a change. I hear they are not paying their fair share. Can anyone tell me differently? It is widely said that the blue collar class is being squeezed to death and so it seems it is. Are you holding off spending because of this fiscal cliff stuff or do you give a shit? Maybe it does not seem to effect you. Now, we are reading that the United States will be self independent with oil because of the shale oil production that is ramping up. So that is what I have been reading lately. What will that mean for us? Yes, lower gas prices at the pump and more money in your pocket to spend to help the economy. Mark my word this is exactly what the hype machine will start to tell you and make you believe. That America is going great guns soon because of the money saved on not importing oil for consumption and consumers have more to spend. I am sure this will be pushed hard to bring gains in retail sales just in time for the holidays. Break out the Booze I will drink to all of this greatness. Will you not join me?

Fifth Third Bank now! A Rant today!

Now Fifth Third Bank seems to think I need I a balance transfer and use their credit card services. I really detest banks sending out those letters that include blank checks with my name printed on them. I just want to toss the envelope in the trash but cannot because I know I have to shred the stuff so the checks do not end up in unscrupulous hands. I do question if anyone can take one of these preprinted checks and somehow cash them. Anything is possible today though. I am reading the details of this offer and see that they will charge either five dollars or four percent of the transaction. So, they make even more money other than interest from me. Into the shredder with this crap. Fifth Third gets a big middle finger from me. Update - Sat. 11/17/2012 - Fifth Third sends me another set of these useless checks. 3.99% APR until April 2017, After that APR for purchases, currently 12.99%, apply, Save interest on purchases and balance transfers. Who are they kidding anyway? Never again will I have a credit card balance with any bank. My money will only work for me, got that? Into the shredder with this crap once again. Have a good day! Update-01/10/2013 - have eliminted any profane or obscene wording from this post. Update-01/09/2013 - Received these checks again...into the ole shredder... Update-03/06/2013 - Received another batch of balance and purchase transfer checks. This bank has money to burn..into the shredder once again. Update-04/19/2013 - Received another batch of balance and purchase transfer checks...into the shredder. Update-05/02/2013 - Received, well, the usual junk mail. I actually got to thinking about this one today since I have been researching credit cards and offers lately. I was thinking, why don't I transfer the $692 balance from my Barclays card to a new Fifth Third card. The one thing that made me decide not to was the statement that 'We will begin charging intetest on these transactions on the transaction date.' Nuff said. Interest charges are a killer if you want my opinion. Once you get on this ladder of debt it will begin to eat you alive.