Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lottery Winnings!

After reading an article about the Missouri Powerball winners, I just wonder how much money has gone to the government when they take their share in taxes. Ever thought about that? Probably not, but, you have to wonder, will this help our fiscal debt? Or, is this only state governments who takes their share of the winnings? I have not researched this but I wanted to post this quick thought in the hope that I might find a website somewhere that keeps track of this, later on. Can anyone comment on this? Update-5/2/2013, I want to add a quick note about a guy I saw on 60 Minutes who won the Florida Lottery seven times. He has a book on Amazon that I would like to take the time to read. I am not getting any younger and if I can spare a dollar a day from taking my lunch to work, I figure I can blow it on this only form of gambling I would do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.6.602.68 (15.11 MB)

I feel like a beta tester for software. I have even taken time to give feedback. Sometimes it was actually taken and updated into the software. You get a feeling of satisfaction when that happens. Especially when you really like the software. As for Flash player, we cannot live without it you would think. But, can we? Can you think of the times it is needed when you are browsing the web? First thing that comes to my mind is 'advertising' or 'advertisers'. I do not know when it has actually served me for anything that I wanted to view. So, this update awaits me. A checkbox is handily checked for me to install Chrome as my default Browser and Google Toolbar. Like I really need another toolbar to have to take up my browser viewing windown. Is Google paying Adobe to advertise this? Every time I get an update notification I always know there is going to be something they are going to try to push on me. There really is just too much stuff on my computer that I feel I have to aware of. Otherwise who knows how screwed up it could get by letting everything install by default. What are you thoughts on all of this?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Java Update 39, wants to install Ask.com toolbar

Yet another Java update. These updates are so obnoxious and interrupts are routine. And, what is this Ask.com toolbar anyway? How much do they pay Oracle to advertise this bloatware anyway? Or, does Oracle own this little company too? I might have to Google this just to see for myself. Yes, I have tried this toolbar long ago and I hated it and I'm sure you have too. Can they really be making money off of some chumps out there in internet land, enough to stay in business? I always visualize some little old lady or man clicking on ads and junk that is offered up in bloat like this and getting out their pocketbook to pay with thier never ending line of credit, card. I am just getting bored with this internet thing lately to tell you the truth. I am an old DOS man, from way back in the days. Give me a utility program where I can get something done, something productive and I am a happy user. Cruising around on the web looking at this and that for nothing more than to pass the time or to think there is really that much interesting going on in the world, somehow I just do not think so. If you knew all the cookies every new web page you land on was being downloaded onto your computer and tracking your every movement on the web, you would be shocked. I keep trying to remind myself to use the anonymouse web browser function of Internet Explorer or Firefox and Chrome. But, somehow I can never think to do it. I know I will eventually get in the habit because my email inbox is loaded up with spam daily. I have had enough trouble trying to get the U.S. mail service to stop delivering junk mail to me. I have opted out of everything I can think of to do it. Yes, that has slowed down but just yesterday I got an envelope with those checks to use as cash again. I love my industrial strength shredder. I like to watch it work on those bank envelopes and those checks. Okay, have I gotten away from the subject? I am about to click through the Java update and I will uncheck the box so I do not get the Ask.com toolbar installed. It would only bring me more spam and ads from companys that I never heard of when I do cruise the web for whatever I happen to need to research at the time. Operating a web browser could be more like driving a car if you think about it. There is so much to learn in order to operate it properly in order to get the most from it. You could eliminate a lot of ads and animated flash driven junk if you only knew how and could get in the habit. An idea just popped into my head now. You know you can drag a bookmark from the address line of your browser. What if you created a default home browser for each function of the web that you wanted to perform. I mean, one for general purpose browsing with everything under the hood set to default, where you wouldn't care about ads or not. Then, one bookmark that you clicked on for banking business and other financial matters. It would be set to only accept cookies from your banking clients and not allow any tracking. This all would take a lot of time to learn but then that would take me away from Facebook. Oh, did I just say that? How much time do you spend on Facebook every day. More than you would like to admit I would bet. Me? I am down to about once a week and that might only be about fifteen minutes. I am just done with it, over it, bored with it. It serves no purpose other than entertainment now and I am just not into that too much either these days. Okay, so back to Java. It is still waiting for me to click through and install it. I remembered to uncheck the Ask.com installation check box. Oh, oh, it found a program running in the background that is using Java and it now asks me if I want to stop it now. Yes, of course. This background program I am not using anyway and that reminds me, I need to turn that off permanently to not waste precious resources like processor time or ram memory. Okay, installing away...it is displaying while doing this that '3 Billion Devices Run Java'. I really needed to know that. I am waiting...I suppose this update is fixing more holes in its security so hackers cannot get into your computer and take it over, or phish for your passwords and banking identities and stuff like that. You got to be so careful using computers today. Look for the 'S' in the address bar, 'https://etc.etc.etc...okay, it now wants me to restart my browser to finish the Java installation. I hope you enjoyed this educational post today. I did.