Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Affiliate Marketing Post, AVG Internet Security 2013

Here I am going to try to incorporate an affilate link of one of the many companies that I have registered with. One good thing about being an affilate is you can get a discount on the product(s) from the company. Another best thing is you refer your friends, family and business aquaintances to them and if they buy through your link, you will not only gain referral income but add to your knowledgable and expert reputation. AVG Internet Security 2013 is top of my list at the moment. After many years of avoiding anti-virus software and thinking I could avoid the viruses, I was hit hard. A virus or malware that had infected my Windows 98 machine convinced me it was time to seek out an anti-virus product. After a lot of searching and comparing I had found that AVG had the experience and the people behind it that made my decision for me. I have since convinced many others and they are using the product, bought through me of course. AVG has stopped many threats dead in their tracks. As I click on links that are sent to me a pop-up alerts me to the threat. Each time I get a feeling of refief and knowing that the small cost for the subsription or computer insurance I like to call it, is very minor. I have one other top product that goes along with this software that I will blog about in another post. There is a story in that also.AVG Internet Security, 3 user 8098986 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Fiscal Cliff and Costing Everyone

I am mad as hell and I do not want to take it anymore. Are you fed up like I am with all of this? I am sure you are. Okay, so what to do about it. Write your Congress people and Senators. It is that simple my friends. If enough paper starts coming into their office and stacks up and overflows from their desk they might want to think about listening to the American people and what we want. So, what do we want? For Congress to stop spending so damn much money just like we have to do when things get tight. Cut back, etc. Where to cut back. We all hear the hype from all directions, the news and our friends. But, who do we believe and what do we believe. I think it is time to go look for ourselves. How do we actually look at the United States government budget for 2013 and dig into what is spent. I do not think it is that hard to do but of course it will take time. Time is the most valuable thing to us as it cuts into our free time mostly. I am going to write more on this post as time goes on. I have to go about my day now. Follow me or bookmark my blog, okay? I took another minute and found this and it is free. It is 2011 but it should not be hard to get the 2013 budget soon.

Friday, January 4, 2013

What is an affiliate and how do I make money online?

What you say? An affiliate is you being a part of a company. A lot of companies on the web now are wanting you as an affiliate to help them get more business. It is a simple method of business and would work for you if you put some time into it. My goal is to create a web page with multiple pages where most anyone like myself can go to, to be able to find cool links to sites that have what I am looking for most. I will have categories of stuff that when you click on one it will take you to that page with links and text with reviews. It will give you some of my personal experience that I write about as time goes on. One would hope to gain followers that would use your site to click from and shop from. Your text links and banner ads would take users to company web pages where people would shop and you get a referral bonus if they buy something. Amazon starts out at a four percent commission. Now that I am thinking about this I want to have a page that will show each of the companies that I come across that have affiliate opportunities and their starting commission or bonus level. It will take me a while to do. So, why go through all the trouble? Because you and I sit and think and we think, and we think day after day, week after week and year after year on how to make money, right? You and I have not come up with any late breaking invention or idea yet that will get us rich and fast have we? Of course now. I have always read where the turtle may be slow but he is sure to get there in the end. I have adopted that principle since I was taught that when I was a little kid by my mother. I have always been a slow learner and I have accepted that. I do know that I can learn anything though if I put my mind to it and take the time too. So, I have been studying this affiliate marketing thing for a while now. I have set up an Amazon Astore and have gotten a few sales but that is it. I learned to go and read the discussion forum at Amazon Associates Central. There you will glean the experience of old hands who will sometimes give you information on just what you need to do to be successful like a few of them are. Some of them are making in the thousands a month. I would be happy to be making in the hundreds right now. So, if you have followed me this far, stay tuned as I will be writing more on this. If you have taken the next step in getting yourself a hosting account and a domain name set up with a web page, then, you are ahead of me and that is my next step. I use GoDaddy for my domain stuff but there are others out there too. I like GoDaddy as their support answers the phone promptly and the techs know their stuff and can usually have you off and running within five minutes on any problem. More later....