Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple Pay and Wallet versus the Old Credit Card Swipe

Apple's big news day was yesterday. iPhone 6 now and an iWatch finally. I have yet to see anyone wearing any smartwatch. I had seen the Samsung Gear watch a couple of months ago when I was in the local Sam's Club. I studied the packaging and the features listed but I was not interested in wearing a watch on my wrist again. It's been over a decade or two now since I have worn a wrist watch. I don't miss the untanned and white stripe on my left wrist. I have to say that I do like the styling of the watch that Apple has put out. Mostly the screen though and what you can see on it. I'm not too keen on the strap itself or whatever you want to call it. I don't think I'll be wearing an iWatch any time soon as I am a fan of Android. I have seen Android come up from the bottom and take over IOS as being in the majority now even though there were a lot of naysayers along the way, I knew it would only be a matter of time. So, on the subject of wallets. I have installed the Google Wallet and have linked it to my bank account and added in a loyalty card. But, in the information for this wallet it states that there are three phones that it is not compatable with and mine was one of them. I will take it with a grain of salt as I know that sometimes information is not updated. So, I will have to just try it out the next time I am at one of those credit card terminals that have the NFC or near field communication readers at the top. You've seen them I'm sure, kind of a blue looking clear plastic thing at the top of the terminal. Now, be assured that a lot of these have never been used and I won't be surprised if I go to use one that it is not activated and the clerk will know nothing about it. I only have to make sure my NFC is turned on before approaching the register. But, here's my point with all of this. The only thing this technology is going to save me is the space in my old leather wallet. No plastic cards to carry around. But, how much time will it take to get the phone app running and make sure I have the correct card that I want use all set to wave across the NFC reader? Maybe we'll have to get used to getting this all ready before it's our turn at the checkout. From what I have been reading of late is the U.S. will be turning to the chip in a card credit card sometime later next year. All the merchants will have to change or upgrade their terminals to accept the new chip cards. Who knows what is going to work best but the NFC better get going or it might be last to the race and end up the loser. Which do you propose to use?

Monday, June 23, 2014

BITCOIN and everything you can do to get in on this exciting new technology and monetary system!

My last post was back in January. I just have not had anything organized in my mind to talk about much less the focus power to put anything in words lately. Pre-occupation with material things is the reason and I will not get into them here. If you have been watching the news you have come across this Bitcoin thing. What the heck is it you may ask. I came across something about it way back now around March of 2013 I think it was. Maybe it was 2012, I just cannot remember now for sure. But, here is the thing. If I had bought some of these Bitcoins when I first got excited reading about it, the price was $113 to $115 each. Over the year the price has been volatile to say the least. It soared to over $1,100 or $1,200 at one time and I thought this was just incredible. I missed the boat as usual with things like this as I procrastinate too much. My problem is I try to get other people interested in stuff that I discover in order that they too might share in my journey of discovery but more often that not they do not take the plunge either. So, I end up being a teacher and never get involved myself. Now yesterday I read an article where the founder of the Xprize has converted some of his gold into Bitcoins. This man is a forward thinking person who has a lot of followers. He has had much success in his life and probably will continue to do so. It is people like this that excite me and motivate me to think that I too can do the same as them if not on a smaller scale maybe. I think we all have it in us but we just do not have the confidence first and the knowledge secondly to take us there. More perhaps on this man later. For now I am going to post that there is a page on called, support. There one can find the many links to just about everything there is to do or know to get involved in Bitcoin. One thing that I have been wanting to do is get into mining. Mining bitcoins with a computer can make you free money. How much and how fast depends on the power of your machine and more specifically, the GPU or video card in your rig. As I have delved deeper into this bitcoin thing this is what I have discovered is the secret to mining. Most say you can be more profitable by joing a pool. I have read some forum posts that say mining on your own does well too. I would like to try each soon to see for myself what does best. In order to do this I would like to set up two computers with each doing one or the other. Another option I have tossed around is to pay a hosting service to use there virtual servers to do the mining but the question is, will it pay the rent. I have not been able to come across any forum posts or discussions where anyone has offered their experience with this but I did discover one node was using a virtual host near me. I feel that time is of the essence now as the governments have been digging into this and trying to figure out how to regulate it and control it but it is a tough road ahead for them from what I have been reading. Many online retail companys are now beginning to accept Bitcoin for payment. This tells me that there is belief in this new currency system and they are serious about making it work. I had registered myself with a Bitcoin address to send and receive payments but have never tried it out. Here is my address if you want to send me some of your bitcoin to help further my cause here to enlighten the people of this planet: 1BKkQWFGAvseLQZ9e7oTvxLFrohA1zQCyk Okay, have I got you interested? I believe it is time to get on this bandwagon now before you are the last one and who knows what will happen by then. Will our current dollar currency be in down the tubes? Will there be a race to buy into bitcoin and transfer all monetary assests into it? Time will tell of course. For now I would not put all my eggs into one basket of course but we can start with a few at a time and see how it goes. I just saw an article today where Expedia is now accepting Bitcoin. It was not too long ago that I got a Tiger Direct email and they had started accepting Bitcoin. More and more businesses will get into this and you will begin to start seeing ATM machines that provide bitcoin transactions. My last word here today. All along the time I have been researching this bitcoin it has came to my attention that a bitcoin transaction can take some time to confirm. Upwards of twenty minutes was the last I had read about. Nodes in the system is what does the transaction verifications. The more nodes there are the faster the transactions can be verified is what I understand. One has to be award that the more people who are making transactions can slow the process down if there are not enough nodes joining the system to keep pace. My internal spirit of helping out is begging me to set up a node to help out. I could use one of the two computers that I plan to test the different types of mining that I mentioned previously as a node. I think this is going to be exciting if I can just get going on this. What about you? All comments appreciated!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Weather and Your Own Personal Weather Station on Weather Underground

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Do you like the weather? Recently I have been checking the weather a lot here in sunny Tampa Florida. Only to try and find out in advance if I need to cover my three outside plants that are sensitive to a freeze. One is a banana plant and the other two I cannot remember their names even though the neighbor who gave them to me a few years ago, has told me more than once. So, I did cover them all for the second time this year, yesterday. I think the next few mornings were are on a freeze watch so I will take no chances. You see the banner at the top showing the current temperature here near me at a neighborhood nearby. The temperature comes from a PWS or Personal Weather Station that someone has set up. If you do a search for Weather Underground or just input those words together with a dot com at the end you will see a whole different world of weather than you more popular Accuweather or Intellicast weather sites. At Weather Underground you have individuals who have spent money on their own weather stations and take the time to set up a web page where the data and history is recorded for anyone to look at. I have been interested in this for several years now and from time to time I keep coming back to it. One of these days I will find the money to buy one of those Davis Advantage Pro units. For some reason I just want my own weather station so I can check the weather any time from my phone or tablet or from the desktop and from anywhere. How cool would that be? Very cool. I end this post now and hope that maybe if you are interested you will check out the weather from a different angle than you normally do. Stay warm! Here is a link to Davis Weather Products

Friday, December 6, 2013

Typing in all that data into Evite and then you must sign in to send. Oops, now all your hard work is gone!

How many times have you and I done this. We go to a web site and begin typing in all the data to send, let's say an evite. Then it wants you to sign in. In all the haste to get going and get your evite just right and add all the emails, it dumps all your work and you have to start all over again. For crying out loud, when will these webmasters ever give some warning to remind you log in or risk losing all your hard work beforehand. The wife is sitting here and this just happened to her now. Here's something new too in case you haven't seen it. Evite is not free anymore! To send an invitation to up to 50 people it's now $12.00 USD. Remember that old saying, 'Nothing in life is free'. Well, it's getting to be that way again. The days of free are going down the tubes. The wife asked me if she should pay to send these invitations. I reasoned with her that this is the first time in over a year that we will be having a party and to go ahead and spend the twelve dollars. The way we spend money, what is twelve dollars anyway? Logic is out the window these days, even with myself. We are so stressed out and lacking sleep just trying to keep up with our day to day routines anymore. I like to stay busy but sometimes I just want to lay on the couch with the remote in hand and dumb down. It rarely happens anymore. This post is over. But, remember the next time you want to send an evite, it is going to cost you and don't forget to log in first before you do anything.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Coming out and being Gay today, for crying out loud already!

I just happened upon a headline in a USA Today newspaper about a congressman that came out about being gay. My first reaction was a bit of anger. The reason is that we as a people in America especially should be educated enough now about gay people and the lifestyle. Why does someone coming out have to be headline news now? A slow news day perhaps? This is about all I have to say on this subject but I welcome any comments. Now, get on with your life, okay?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making Money On The Web with Affilate Marketing, another update and motivator

I vowed to not let a month slip by without making a post about something. But, it's been almost two months now so this hopefully we be short and possibly useful to someone on the world wide web. You see, it's all about caring for each other. Too often we get wrapped up in ourselves, hardly thinking of others. You can work so hard for yourself and get a lot of frustration but then if you stop just for a moment and do something for someone else, you get instant gratification. This might sound sucky to you and you may not even be interested in what I'm saying at this point in your life or day. That's okay because one day you will have these same thoughts and you might remember that you read about on a blog somewhere. My latest thoughts for myself are to begin creating a new web site to sell products. I have talked about affiliate marketing in prior posts. I have this web site design in mind, now I just need to get moving on the first step, creating that first home page. I already have the domain name and it's been sitting there doing nothing. I've signed up with companies year after year of which products I have liked. Now I can't even remember all of them. I know I have a file folder somewhere on this computer that may have all the emails with the acceptance of my applications to be an affiliate. I just have to hunt them down one by one. Each will be set up on their own page as a sub page behind the main home page. From the home page there will be a list of categories of products or just an A to Z list to click on. I'm not sure how it will go yet. Okay, I've given away my secret to success but I am hoping that it might benefit you to get going too on making money on the web. I'd like to see others doing this along with myself. Who knows what may come of all of this. I envision myself sipping a cool drink on a resort island with fellow affiliate marketers one day in the future. We each get up and speak about our successes and our business trials and tribulations. My end goal is to set up a trust to manage all the extra income I could never spend and help the poor. A bold and ambitious goal you might say. But, it's done all the time so why not we too. Like I said, giving is instant gratification. Helping each other is another one of those great little and important things in life. So, what are you waiting for, get going already.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Updates and What and Why

I pity the regular person who is not computer literate. We get these updates on a regular basis. By default most just download and install by themselves and nobody is the wiser. Except the illiterate computer uses that are frustrated because their computers have become slow or unresponsive. First thing that comes to people's minds is, 'I must have a virus'. Maybe but what does one do. Over the years I have learned that it is better to pay for a complete antivirus suite that help protect me. Many will argue over which product is better. You can either listen to someone else or try different ones until you find one you like. But, there is what this post is all about. TIME. So much time is devoted to our computer either in use or upkeep. If you are lucky enough to not have filled your hard drive with rarely used programs you might not have much trouble. But, the more you have loaded the more resources the computer has to use to keep up with it all. I have worked hard for years to keep the background resource usage to a minimum. To save the computer for me when I want to use it. I have turned off automatic updates on everything. Starting off with Windows Update. With Windows 7 you only get one update a month which is a blessing. Then there is Adobe Flash Player. Today I restarted the computer and first thing I see when logging on is an Adobe Updata for version 11.8.800.94 at 16.3mb of data. I don't know how much I really use Flash. I believe it is only for advertising and maybe some news articles I sometimes view. I have not put that much time into studying that but I'd rather update to keep the malware and Flash player attacks away. I have my antivirus set to update every four hours. It's quick and not that big a deal. It won't slow your computer down like an Adobe Flash update will. So, here's to those that like to know what's going on under the hood and are trying to stay on top of things. Good luck to you!