Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CFPA with Elizabeth Warren, webinar

...currently listening to Elizabeth Warren who has outstanding credentials in her field.
www.ourfinacialsecurity.org she referrences to write congress.
www.protecttheconsumer.org focuses on telling the chamber of commerce to quit lying about the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.
April 29th, wall street demonstrating. Financial reform is a must, folks. Deregulating has brought our country to it's knees. This woman is leading the fight for us. We must stand behind her and organize.
Check out her column on Huffington Post.

Java updates, again

Java wants to update me again, and try to get me to click on installing something that I don't want. Carbonite Online Backup now. No, I don't need this as I have a Netgear Stora 1tb network backup I use, thank you. It's cheapest in the long run and besides, I have complete control over it. And, the usual Openoffice suite offered for install. But, I already installed it over a year ago but I never use it as I have M/S Office 2007. I hate crappy software and Adobe has proven itself that it has crappy software. Yeah, it has us all hooked into the Java of course. Nobody else is doing it is why or maybe not.
Time for an online seminar, more rants and raves to come later...