Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Adobe Update, this is really getting crazy

I think I posted less than two weeks ago about an update now today, another one. Adobe is now worse than Microsoft and their constant barrage of updates. I've got two updates in progress at the moment with my HPUPDATER program. One is a hotifx for a firewire problem. I don't even have firewire capability on this machine. The other is the HP Photosmart Essential program update. Something about a crash fix for photo uploads. I never do any photo uploads using HP's products either.
It's getting to be that I forget what it is I logged onto the computer for after sitting and waiting and watching all these updates install. Then, there's a reboot that just makes me go nuts. The sun has set and I missed another sunset because of this crap.
Maybe Unix is the answer but then there's a learning curve with that too. I don't have the kind of time I used to have. I think I'll stop this post and just wait for this last update to finish. I can't believe it's still going on.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adobe Flash Update, it never stops, just like Microsoft's Updates

I guess it's just a part of routine for pc users such as myself. You logon to your desktop and wham, up pops an update. You can close the window by clicking on 'Later' or whatever but you know that eventually you need to do this to stay protected. Today I get an update but what bothers me about this one today is the update is dated for Septemeber 20th, 2010. Today is October 10, 2010. I usually just go ahead and let the updates install as they don't take very long to do and I'd rather get it over with rather than worry about my computer security. It's always best to go direct to the website to look for updates. You could get one of these update notifications from a hacker I suppose. I've got a great antivirus package installed so I don't worry about that very much. I like to challenge AVG Internet Security besides and it hasn't failed me yet.
So, here's the link to the info on this patch and I'll include a screenshot pic of the update also. I'll be tracking these updates and how often they occur here on my blog.

I'm I having trouble trying to get this pic to be centered, having clicked on X-large, this is what I get. Sorry. Bugs in the blog I suppose, no time to report or complain about it to the Google folks today though.

If you're interested in programming Flash, here is a link to Amazon books.
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