Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama in Tampa Today

I heard on the radio this morning around 5:30 AM that Obama was going to be touching down at Tampa International Airport any moment. He is scheduled to speak at Centennial Park in Ybor City. Ybor City is just off to the East side of downtown Tampa. It's a favorite haunt to go eat lunch or dinner and stroll in the evening and maybe go to a club. Centennial Park is not a very big park so I am curious how this is all going to work out with the people and parking. I was going to turn on my tv news and see if I could watch any of this but here I am just now thinking about it after hours have gone by doing trivial things in the house but mostly thinking of going to bed. I'm about exhausted from another week of a lack of good solid sleep. Tampa is becoming a popular spot of late since the RNC or Republican National Convention was here. I always visualize comparing Tampa to New York but we just do not have the land available here to become that large of a city I believe. The other day I was thinking that if Donald Trump were to come down and take a look at our Channelside area and buy the property that is folding and beef it up and get it rockin and rollin again, that would be a hit I think. If Channelside fails we loose big time in my opinion. It is an anchor especially with the cruise ship going in and out of there right next to it. I strayed from Obama but I hope his visit was nice and that he will come back again. Who are you voting for this time around? Have you decided yet? Are you overwhelmed with all the hype from each side? Can you make up your own mind or do you let others do it for you?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Fix a Broken Trash Can Pedal

Okay, over and over, I find people are finding my blog using the search words in the title of this post. A thought just occurred to me. Is it time to manufacture and sell a part or parts to fix this broken trash can. The thought of adding the picture of the actual fix I used that is still working great to this day has been on my mind many days during each week since I made that original post. But, now I think I will save that picture to include in the 'Fix a Broken Trash Can' kit. Here's a link to my first post on this repair including pictures. I have also decided that I WILL post pictures of the inner workings of this repair. This was decided as there are those that will want to try to do it themselves and then there are those that only want to buy a part to replace without all the fuss. I am thinking now that if I had one of those new 3D printers I could produce these replacement pedals but they probably wouldn't be cheap. Might be cheaper to just buy a new trashscan. I am laughing at all of this now as probably you might be too.