Tuesday, January 24, 2012

USPS, continued

Right after posting the previous post I managed to catch the subcontract delivery person at my mail box. I asked him what to do about the misdelivered mail. He explained that it's the sorters that mess it up for the delivery. While he was talking I looked down in his seat where he kept the white plastic box of mail to be delivered. I saw how it was arranged in order to make his delivery faster. One stack of mail standing on it's end, the next was arranged on it's side and so on and so forth. It made it easy for him to just grab the next stack after reading the address on the facing mail and stuff it all into the box. I asked him why he couldn't take a few moments and flick through each piece of mail to make sure it got delivered right and to correct the sorter's mistakes. He didn't answser but kept going on about how he could be blamed and he gets all the blame for everything all the time, etc, etc. I knew this wasn't going anywhere and there was nothing I could say to get him to realize that he needs to take the time to get the right mail in the right box. I went on with him that it's all about the time, so he could get his mail delivery done and get on home for the day. Who wouldn't, right? Still, there must be something I don't know for him not to take the time to check the sorts. Is his route overloaded? Is this how our mail system works? Next time I catch him at my box I will get into another converstion with him about this. Who knows how many people interrupt his day too. He probably wants to get back to the branch before dark and get on home. I probably would feel the same way. No efficiency anymore these days it seems, just get the work done any way you can and even though we like to talk how great we are and how much we think of the customer, we don't walk the talk!

Monday, January 23, 2012

USPS Mail Service Does it Again!

I don't know about you but I'm so sick and tired of getting somebody else's mail in my mailbox here at the house. My dad was a mail carrier in the day. He would be appalled at the lack of consideration given to our mail today I think. I've been fighting this for four to five years now since I've been at this address. Several phone calls and two visits from a manager did nothing. The last response when she came her to investigate was, 'I don't know what else to do'. I tell you what I'd do, fire their dumb ass.
On a visit to the local post office station a complaint was given to the girl behind the counter. I was referred to another girl. She came to the conclusion that I might try making a label to put on the inside of the box to show the street name and address. I did that and it seemed to work. That was about a year ago. Now, it's started again. Every excuse so far has been to put the blame on the sorter in the branch location. I don't know how that can make any sense. Isn't the guy putting the mail into my box the last one to view and maybe take the time to verify he's putting it into the right mailbox at the right address? Fuck if I know what's going on. It just burns me up. Why? Not a big deal you might think? Yeah, but what are you not getting and who is getting your mail and not bringing it over to you or putting it in your box for you? I'm visualizing most people just open your shit and then toss it in the trash afterward, to cause you trouble as they don't give one damn about you. People are just mean today with no care for anyone else but themselves. You know I'm right. Yes, there are exceptions and you hope those are the people that are looking after one another on this fucked up planet.
So, do I take this piece of mail to the branch office and complain again? I don't think it's going to matter. I used to think that if enough complaints were made something would change. I guess not.
I'm all for eliminating the USPS at this day and age. Yes, I'd gladly pay twice what I'm paying now for postage to get my mail and not someone else's. Why not FEDEX or United Parcel Service. Couldn't they expand and handle it? Why has this USPS service been allowed to continue for so long. Was it a bid job or an insider's work? I'm going to research this and get in touch with whoever will agree with me on this and see what can be done to change this. The USPS is always on the brink of folding or bankruptcy so why not let this be the year to let them sink. Oh, and don't forget, today your postage goes up a penny to forty five cents now to mail a letter.