Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Friday done and gone

Another record set. What did anyone expect? Online shopping is getting more popular. I was surprised at the one day delivery of an item I had ordered from Staples last week. Once I realize that I don't need an item right now I go online and shop. It's that easy. I would never wait in line for over an hour for anything. I don't care how great the price might be. I just don't need something that bad that I can't wait and yes, I'll pay a higher price but I don't care. My time is more valuable to me now.
So now what? Christmas shopping is in full force. Spend, spend, spend. Who saves today? Does anyone have money in the bank, more than a couple hundred dollars at any one time? I'd like to see the statistics just for curiousity.
Don't let me bore you. I'm trying to get people to buy online and help each other out in the process. If you were a good friend or even an aquaintance and you recommended to me your Amazon store link to shop from, why wouldn't I? I would expect the same in return of course. Does anyone else get what I'm saying here? I'm still trying to get this off the ground but it's hard to get people to focus on making money. To me, it's free money. Do you want to learn more? Just leave me a comment here, I'll reply.
Now the advertising. Do you like the Kindle products? It's got my attention but I'm not completely sold on the product. Maybe it's not a need of mine. I have an Android phone that does everything I want at the moment. I see a lot of people following the Apple iPhone trend though and it pains me that people can't think for themselves. Yes, Android has gone through some difficulties but what phone hasn't? Even Apple has had it's share of problems. Nobody will talk about the problems though. Oh well, whatever.
Copy and paste the link below into your browser and see what you like at my store:

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