Saturday, July 30, 2011

Google does not add my blog into it's search engine, why?

Since I now have my domain ( forwarded to my blog here I had thought that Google would have indexed it into it's search engine. But, each time I search for my web name I come up with something else and no mention of mine. I need to research this more. Otherwise there is now way in hell that anyone is going to find me here other than browsing the blogs I fear. This will be a useless way to try to make any extra money. There's got to be a better way and I'll keep searching. For now I'll just keep my thoughts going here when I think of something interesting. I wish some of you would post some comments and get social. Don't you like me or my blog? I'm feeling kinda lonely here. Get busy, will you?
Here's an Amazon ad for you. I just bought a Kensington Trackball yesterday from Amazon for my boss at work. She's complained of the old carpal tunnel syndrome and she's been working way too hard lately. So, I'm going to surprise her in about a week or so when I get it. Take a look at this trackball. If you've never tried one you're missing out. It works so much more efficiently.

How do I ad html on my blog here?

I want to add my Google+ statistics widget but I cannot find a way to do it here on Maybe this is a shortcoming of this blog site. I guess that's why there is Wordpress and a host of others. I don't have the time to search around and try all of them though and then have to move my blog but I'll give it some thought for a later day.

Ask me for an invite to Google+ if you haven't been invited yet. I read a headline the other day that maybe Google will fail in this social networking project. I think they don't stand much of a chance with Facebook still popular as it is. Only techies and those that want to be different with migrate to Google+ I believe. I like to try everything as long as I have the time. I'm just a geek like that. I love learning new things. Okay, breakfast is in order. I'm about done with my expresso. What expresso do you like?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

China umbrella manufacturer needed

I've decided I want to look into marketing custom made umbrellas. Of course China comes to mind to manufacture them. If anyone knows any manufacturers please drop me a line or comment here. I will keep the blog updated on my progress with this. I'm thinking umbrellas of all types and sizes with different colors and designs. I'll have my eye out for something rather unique also. Here in the sunshine state of Florida an umbrella is a must have item for just about everyone. I carry one in my car for that rainstorm that happens here from time to time. There seems to be many companies selling umbrellas so I won't be the only one but that's okay. There can never be enough umbrellas and of every size, shape and color. I'll post a few ads from Amazon for now.
There are a lot of umbrellas out there in the market.