Thursday, September 19, 2013

Making Money On The Web with Affilate Marketing, another update and motivator

I vowed to not let a month slip by without making a post about something. But, it's been almost two months now so this hopefully we be short and possibly useful to someone on the world wide web. You see, it's all about caring for each other. Too often we get wrapped up in ourselves, hardly thinking of others. You can work so hard for yourself and get a lot of frustration but then if you stop just for a moment and do something for someone else, you get instant gratification. This might sound sucky to you and you may not even be interested in what I'm saying at this point in your life or day. That's okay because one day you will have these same thoughts and you might remember that you read about on a blog somewhere. My latest thoughts for myself are to begin creating a new web site to sell products. I have talked about affiliate marketing in prior posts. I have this web site design in mind, now I just need to get moving on the first step, creating that first home page. I already have the domain name and it's been sitting there doing nothing. I've signed up with companies year after year of which products I have liked. Now I can't even remember all of them. I know I have a file folder somewhere on this computer that may have all the emails with the acceptance of my applications to be an affiliate. I just have to hunt them down one by one. Each will be set up on their own page as a sub page behind the main home page. From the home page there will be a list of categories of products or just an A to Z list to click on. I'm not sure how it will go yet. Okay, I've given away my secret to success but I am hoping that it might benefit you to get going too on making money on the web. I'd like to see others doing this along with myself. Who knows what may come of all of this. I envision myself sipping a cool drink on a resort island with fellow affiliate marketers one day in the future. We each get up and speak about our successes and our business trials and tribulations. My end goal is to set up a trust to manage all the extra income I could never spend and help the poor. A bold and ambitious goal you might say. But, it's done all the time so why not we too. Like I said, giving is instant gratification. Helping each other is another one of those great little and important things in life. So, what are you waiting for, get going already.