Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pay-Per-Click, again, and why aren't you making money?

I feel I'm wasting my time on this blog in trying to make money off the net. Not too many people really get how this works unless you have used Google to advertise with their Adsense service. It's really a good service but it does cost money and you have to have a budget for it. Popular keywords can cost more per click than not so popular ones. Okay, confused?
In your Google Adsense account you set up a small ad that comes up on web pages, most often on the right hand column when you do searches and stuff on the web. Most of us don't bother to read them as were used to seeing them now. You can tell they are Google pay per click ads as you'll see the Google log in small print or font just underneath the ad. Anyway, Google only allow so many words or characters in an ad. That's why you see them so small. I figure so they can cram as many as they can. Google is making lots of money off this way of advertising and most of us just search and never click on anything. Once in awhile I'll see an ad that will catch my eye and I'll click on it. It's costs the advertiser but it gives me a chance to maybe buy from them if I see something I like. You find these ads mostly on Google's search results when you're looking for something.
But, in my case, I'm known as an affiliate of Google. I've signed up with Google to allow them to serve up relevant ads on my blog here. I will get a small percentage of the cost of the click. So far I've made $7.39 and that was in one day. Nothing since. I don't know why, I can only speculate and keep trying things.
If you're in the mind to make some money on the net and you don't have a product to sell, you can become an affiliate and make commissions off of selling other people's stuff. In this case, Google's ads.
There's a few books for you to read. I am also an Amazon affilate. Buy a book from a click here and I make a small commission, very small. But, hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stocks take a 500 point dive! Largest drop in two years again.

It was feared and it had to happen. I'm just glad I still have my money in bonds. I've never moved the money since the October crash of what now, 2006? I forget when it all went South. Now, I'll bet I'll hear those same people who have told me I should have gotten back into the market, how badly they have suffered once again and have lost all the gains they have talked about making back recently. Timing the market is difficult at best and with all the scamming with these programmed trades going on I stayed out of the game as I didn't want to lose any more than I had. I need to keep reminding myself that my little 401k has to provide for me when I retire. I don't plan to work any other job after Verizon.
I hope you didn't lose any money today. I fear this double dip recession is going to last a while this time. There is just too much fear in the world from all that's going on that is negative. I don't have to point it out either. Until the governments of the world can get their act together and start thinking of it's people and give up the greed, it won't get any better any time soon I feel. Can you imagine people actually helping each other out instead of trying to think of how to screw the next person with every opportunity? We'd all be much better off and have happier lives, helping each other on this planet to enjoy and to preserve what's been laid out for us. I'll propose a toast to a much better future this weekend. What's your favorite beverage? I'm not picky but sometimes I just like a good ole beer.

Kensington Trackball in place of a mouse

In my previous post I stated I would be presenting my boss at work with one of these. Well, this morning I did just that and she couldn't thank me enough. She really liked the fact that she didn't have to keep picking up her wrist and putting it down in order to move the cursor around, she only had to rotate the ball. Which she also commented on how easy that was to do. Now, I see the price has lowered today to $14.95 so I just bought one for the desktop here at home. I'm glad I waited, the bosses cost me $22.95 if I remember right. Shipping is under five bucks so I won't even bother to look up what that cost. Overall, the silver color and black palm rest area compliment the computers well. The palm area is a 'grippy' type of rubber too, not a slick plastic like I had feared. Kensington puts out a superb product in my opinion. Sure, there are some user reviews on Amazon that are negative but I believe these people are way too critical and can find something to complain about anything. So, time to post another Amazon ad for you to click on in case your remotely interested. Only thing better would have been a wireless trackball but I figure that's a plus and I couldn't justify the money for one. The cord is not going to move anyway.
This is the one I bought for a Mac computer years ago. I still have it somewhere but I will dig it out of a box at a latter time. Besides this 'Orbit' model is more in line with what I'm hoping the wife will like. Notice the big difference in price. Also, about the same as a mouse would cost. The larger trackball has four buttons. I never used all four.