Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Weather and Your Own Personal Weather Station on Weather Underground

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Do you like the weather? Recently I have been checking the weather a lot here in sunny Tampa Florida. Only to try and find out in advance if I need to cover my three outside plants that are sensitive to a freeze. One is a banana plant and the other two I cannot remember their names even though the neighbor who gave them to me a few years ago, has told me more than once. So, I did cover them all for the second time this year, yesterday. I think the next few mornings were are on a freeze watch so I will take no chances. You see the banner at the top showing the current temperature here near me at a neighborhood nearby. The temperature comes from a PWS or Personal Weather Station that someone has set up. If you do a search for Weather Underground or just input those words together with a dot com at the end you will see a whole different world of weather than you more popular Accuweather or Intellicast weather sites. At Weather Underground you have individuals who have spent money on their own weather stations and take the time to set up a web page where the data and history is recorded for anyone to look at. I have been interested in this for several years now and from time to time I keep coming back to it. One of these days I will find the money to buy one of those Davis Advantage Pro units. For some reason I just want my own weather station so I can check the weather any time from my phone or tablet or from the desktop and from anywhere. How cool would that be? Very cool. I end this post now and hope that maybe if you are interested you will check out the weather from a different angle than you normally do. Stay warm! Here is a link to Davis Weather Products

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